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Economic news(2014/02/11)

Kyoto   Hakone

Air Show of Asia's largest

2014-02-11 20:41:00
Air Show Asia's largest begins in Singapore, and aimed at the aviation market in Asia where growth is expected, such as the military Western companies had sought to sell aggressively.


Affected local governments fiscal position deteriorated rapidly

2014-02-11 15:44:00
Finances as has deteriorated under the influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Miyagi Prefecture Higashimatsushima has decided to raise the remainder 18% on average from next year the tax devoted to national health insurance. Can spread municipalities fiscal situation is getting worse rapidly with the decrease of the population, seek a new burden on the residents has come out in the municipalities in the affected areas.


The number of companies out of business and closed within most

2014-02-11 12:21:00
Among the survey results to be that it was most frequent since 2000 the statistics still have unity, the movement of the economic recovery continues, the number of companies that have out of business and leave in one year last year, sluggish performance in small and medium-sized enterprises can ask that the case at that I can not choice but to abandon the continuation of the business in many cases.


Cautious view to closing the future of the automobile companies

2014-02-11 05:48:00
While manufacturers operating income is a record high in the weak yen effects were numerous, financial results for the nine months of April to December last year of eight companies the major automobile manufacturers in Japan, the economies of emerging countries for the outlook future is as uncertain, cautious has become many.


Significantly increased frequency in JR Freight rush demand

2014-02-11 04:34:00
From the fact that it is expected in the rush demand that before the consumption tax hike, handling the amount of cargo such as home appliances and food products will increase rapidly, next month, JR cargo, corresponding to increase significantly the number of container freight train It was a firm policy to be.


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