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Economic news(2014/02/27)

Kyoto   Hakone

Opinion to seek such as U.S. Chamber of Commerce corporate tax cuts

2014-02-27 22:12:00
Toward the expansion of investment in Japan from overseas, open the first meeting of experts meeting, from representatives of the Japan American Chamber of Commerce were invited, the government, on the dismissal of workers and a reduction in the effective tax rate of corporation tax opinions and seek clarification of the rule has been issued.


The third consecutive month to the electricity and gas company-wide simultaneous price increases

2014-02-27 21:23:00
4 major city gas and 10 electric power companies will now be due to such rise in import price of LNG = liquefied natural gas, and to raise and align the price for the month of April this year. Simultaneous price increase of the company is consecutive month electrical and Gasu-tomo 3.


To price reductions in beef bowl consumption tax increase after the Sukiya

2014-02-27 20:41:00
Announced to hike after the consumption tax rate in April this year, and drop the price of the price of beef bowl, the beef bowl chain "like family" is likely to be affected also pricing strategy of the leading beef bowl chain other.


Also raising the 10 yen beverages handled by vending machines

2014-02-27 16:33:00
While raise ¥ 10 the price of canned coffee and carbonated beverages handled by the vending machine to match the increase in the consumption tax rate in April, Coca-Cola group of beverage manufacturer's largest, Deferring price Bottled water announced.


Nikkei Stock Average drops slightly

2014-02-27 15:59:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 27th, the order goes out to sell such stocks of export-related from concerns about the deterioration of the situation in Ukraine, the stock price has fallen.


Pull up on the interest rates in Brazil inhibitory

2014-02-27 15:21:00
Central Bank of Brazil has decided to raise to 10.75% the policy rate, but it has become a form that was also considered the economy to suppress than ever pulling width, while glare inflation, it began to show sluggish growth You.


"The results in the case of the United States presidential visit to Japan" TPP

2014-02-27 11:13:00
Supporting ambassador to the United States, since it was that there is a major achievement during the visit to Japan of President Obama, which is scheduled for April this year is desirable, to put the prospect of constant towards the early conclusion by around the TPP = Pacific Partnership Agreement I showed the idea of ​​rushing the consultation with the United States to.


Bit coin statement also announced not fit concern

2014-02-27 04:32:00
Problems that brokerage company leading in the virtual currency of the Internet, in Tokyo, "bit coin" has stopped all transactions, 26 day and night, and a new top management of the company is that it is exploring solutions to problems It was a statement, but there is no detailed mention of such prospects of resuming trading, concerns user does not have subsided.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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