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Economic news(2014/03/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

Corporate training three years ago from the earthquake

2014-03-01 20:28:00
As before to become three years from the Great East Japan Earthquake, companies that have suffered from huge earthquake can be as soon as possible resume production, training in order to enhance the decision capability of the person in charge was held in Tokyo.


Corresponding variety of such month extended business hours or 1 to consumption tax increase

2014-03-01 19:34:00
Increase in the consumption tax rate of April 1 until now and one month after. In department stores, in addition to in order to capture the rush of consumer demand, extending the movement has spread the business hours of stores, such as creating a manual aimed at such stores to experience a tax increase for the first time at a convenience store chain, to support in the field of consumption But I am in earnest.


Skymark to new Airbus "A330"

2014-03-01 18:19:00
Was handed over the aircraft in France Skymark Airlines to introduce new aircraft of the leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus of Europe "A330 aircraft" for the first time as a Japanese airline.


Spate of complex stores such as "convenience store + bookstore"

2014-03-01 17:43:00
Seven of the convenience store chain's largest - the 1st, in order to incorporate a wide range of patrons of the region, Eleven Japan was opened in Matsuyama composite shop and bookstore for the first time in the nation.


Hours extended to department store before tax increase

2014-03-01 13:20:00
Increase in the consumption tax rate of April 1 until now and one month after. In between the major department stores, in order to capture the rush demand of consumers that try to buy the goods before tax increase, extend the movement has spread the business hours of the store.


To 730 yen in Tokyo taxi basic fare upper limit

2014-03-01 11:13:00
With the increase in the consumption tax rate in April, that the upper limit of the basic fare rate of ordinary car that can be set by the taxi company in the Tama area and 23 wards of Tokyo is raise ¥ 20 than it is now, it is 730 yen was decided.


Spread ripples in "bit coin" Overseas

2014-03-01 07:11:00
Overseas voice in response to that major brokerage company virtual currency of "bit coin" "Mount Ngoc su" is bankrupt, that we should be regulating the trading of bit coins from such officials of financial supervisory authorities in the United States, such as stronger But ripples have spread.


Movement of mortgage interest rate cuts

2014-03-01 06:38:00
With the expectation that people who, in addition to the decrease in long-term interest rates, a contract of mortgage before the increase in the consumption tax rate increases, major banks will pull one after another the mortgage interest rate 10-year fixed-type from this month.


To invest in the infrastructure of the GPIF developed countries

2014-03-01 05:34:00
From the viewpoint of enhancing the profitability, GPIF = Government Pension Investment Fund, which operates a reserve of public pension of more than 120 trillion yen, for the first time to invest in infrastructure such as railways and power of developed countries It is now that you start.


Correspondence of 0:00 April 1 consumption tax increase

2014-03-01 05:25:00
What corresponds to midnight (April) of the 1st next month consumption tax increase is implemented. Corresponding is divided open 24 hours a day and each transportation, in such late-night shop.


To mount Ngoc graphics bankruptcy cause investigation focus

2014-03-01 04:09:00
The bankrupt as lost a bit coin that had been entrusted from the user, the 28th, a leading brokerage company virtual currency of "bit coin" "Mount Ngoc su", has filed for Civil Rehabilitation Law. The company is considering a criminal complaint possibility of bit coin was stolen by unauthorized access as high, but the future, I will be the focal point to where the recovery of damages and investigation of the cause or be achieved.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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