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Economic news(2014/03/25)

Kyoto   Hakone

Year-on-year decline in the food service industry, such as heavy snow

2014-03-25 23:09:00
Such as that from passengers has decreased under the influence of heavy snow, last month's sales of food service industry across the country, were lower than in the same month of the previous year in the month or the first time 4.


JTB is affiliated with cheap Chinese

2014-03-25 20:36:00
Major travel company "JTB" now that it has partnered of LCC = cheap Chinese airlines that fly to Japan as "Spring Airlines", with the aim of tourists expansion from both Japan and China.


Toi Mr. Yokado new president - Ito

2014-03-25 18:21:00
The successor of President Atsushi Kamei, a leading super "Ito-Yokado" has decided the HR elevate Toi Kazuhisa managing director has been responsible for product development, such as the private brand.


Home increased burden that is determined price of energy regeneration power

2014-03-25 17:17:00
In the buyback program of the power generated by renewable energy such as solar, purchase price of FY2014 new year Heisei is determined officially, at home standard, burden of per month increase 105 yen than the current I became that.


The EPA negotiations forward to meeting with Agriculture Minister Australian Ministerial

2014-03-25 16:04:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting, in terms of it was clarified that with regard to negotiation of EPA = Economic Partnership Agreement of Japan and Australia, to meet with ministers of Australia on the 26th, Hayashi Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries imports has been the focus It showed a recognition that want to advance the negotiations in areas such as customs of beef.


Price movements modest Tokyo stock market

2014-03-25 15:47:00
While the order is out selling in response to the stock prices of European and American markets, movement to repurchase stocks that have fallen even out, the Tokyo stock market of the 25th is now a modest price movements as a whole.


In the past the best personal financial assets held

2014-03-25 13:06:00
financial assets such as stocks and deposits by individuals held by it, such as by a weaker yen and rising share prices, and increased to 1644 trillion yen more than at the time of the end of December last year, it was in the past the best since 1997 the statistics can be compared I was found.


Ho Chi Minh City approval of new routes JAL

2014-03-25 11:08:00
For a new route connecting the Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam and Haneda Airport Japan Airlines had been filed, "competitive with the airlines of other significant impact does not occur" as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to be authorized to open has revealed.


Receivables purchase significant increase in anti-social forces

2014-03-25 08:58:00
Among the eradication of transactions with such gangsters by financial institutions is to challenge the use of system that the Deposit Insurance Corporation is purchase from financial institutions lending to anti-social forces that recovery has become difficult to increase significantly in the past year it was found that it was.


TPP to Japan-US talks resume this week

2014-03-25 07:08:00
The Governments of Japan and the United States, a compromise in the handling of such as pork and beef agree that you have around the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, this week, to resume bilateral working-level consultations, the United States side is strong demand for the elimination of tariffs It is expected to adjust to find the point is made.


Study the review of resource management of marine products

2014-03-25 06:50:00
Fisheries Agency, that towards the review of the management of fisheries resources in the seas around Japan, to open the first meeting of the conference by experts from, is shown a draft of the introduction of fishing regulations where there is effective by up to June this year became.


To Bear Nikko parenting generation center

2014-03-25 04:13:00
In spring offensive of this year, the securities leading "SMBC Nikko" was solidified a policy that was carried out the first time in 20 years the base up to raise the base salary, increasing the width of the pulling around the 30s hit the child-rearing generation in particular.


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