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Economic news(2014/03/29)

Kyoto   Hakone

Weekend sales floor tax increase just before the congestion

2014-03-29 17:36:00
The 29th Saturday of March last, and celebrated the last weekend of the consumption tax hike before, and try to shop before the consumption tax rate is raised, and department stores around the country was crowded with such people that the bulk buying.


Strengthen support to agricultural export expansion

2014-03-29 16:00:00
In an attempt to expand exports of food and agricultural and marine products in Japan, there is provided a new course specializes in the practical advice in areas such as product development and market research companies and producers, JETRO = Japan External Trade Organization Helps it was decided to strengthen the.


Bustling Shiga Outlet Mall

2014-03-29 14:22:00
The 29th Saturday of March last, in the outlet malls of Kansai largest in Shiga Prefecture Ryuo town, I am crowded with tourists and that trying to buy before the consumption tax rate is raised from next month.


Spate of price freeze also stage performances after tax increases

2014-03-29 08:40:00
Before the consumption tax hike next month, the companies and organizations to host stage performances such as ballet and kabuki, movement to determine the deferred sales price of the ticket has one after another.


Mitsubishi Motors to sports car production end

2014-03-29 07:13:00
"Mitsubishi Motors" is, will have to consolidate a policy to terminate the production sports car that was active in auto racing at home and abroad once the "Lancer Evolution", and divert management resources to the development of eco-friendly vehicles with an emphasis on more fuel-efficient directly below.


China and Germany match in the Closer Economic Partnership

2014-03-29 06:49:00
Matched by Xi Jinping Jintao of China are visiting Germany to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel, and to strengthen the coordination of economic signed a new agreement that extends to 18 items in areas such as automotive and financial .


Supplies to strengthen sales day of the consumption tax increase after

2014-03-29 05:02:00
In anticipation of the needs of consumers of consumption tax hike after the next month, among the leading manufacturers of daily necessities, such as a move to strengthen the sale of goods familiar in life has come out.


Tankan focus of attention next week

2014-03-29 01:11:00
The 1st, the Bank of Japan Tankan will be announced. You seen the economic judgment of a typical index of "large corporations and manufacturing" and also improve this time, but it is attention if increase in the consumption tax rate, which is performed on this day or affect the views on the future of the economy. ▽ 31 (Mon): stock price at the end of the year. ▽ 1 (Tue): meeting the consumption tax increase, Tankan, India in silver to decide monetary policy. ▽ (water) the 2nd: IMF Managing Director talk about the world economy. ▽ (Thursday): 3 days regular Council of the European Central Bank. ▽ 4 (Fri): United States employment statistics (March).


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