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Economic news(2014/04/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

Of the automatic ticket gate IC card of Kansai "¥ 1" can not be recognized

2014-04-02 23:06:00
Along with the increase in the consumption tax rate, if you use the IC card ticket, fare of ¥ 1 unit was introduced in the railway in the Tokyo metropolitan area, but the balance is a card of ¥ 1 unit at the station of Kansai remains of 10 yen per I've found that trouble passengers using is impassable the automatic ticket gate machines, had occurred about 600 reviews at least.


"It can not be passed on 30% of small and medium-sized enterprises" consumption tax increase

2014-04-02 21:19:00
Noting SMEs that it can not pass on the product price hike worth of consumption tax rate and amounts to about 30%, Mimura, President of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry showed the idea to watch the trend of price pass-through.


Yen depreciation level of the month or the first time in Tokyo foreign exchange market 2

2014-04-02 18:45:00
Tokyo foreign exchange market of the 2nd movement to buy the dollar by selling yen in the background and expectations for the future of the American economy is out, 103 and yen late $ 1, yen exchange rate circle of the moon the first time or approximately 2 I was a cheap dollar drops high level.


¥ 15,000 recovery Nikkei average temporary

2014-04-02 15:57:00
From such as the yen weakens in the foreign exchange market, the order goes out to buy mainly export-related, temporary Tokyo stock market of two days, recovery island ¥ 15,000 units in the 3-week Nikkei Stock Average were.


"Impact on spending in the tax increase" is about 70% of the Bank of Japan survey

2014-04-02 15:34:00
It was found in a survey by the Bank of Japan that the people about the impact of living by raising the consumption tax rate, the time being, you can refrain from spending, that or refrain slightly amounting to nearly 70% of the total.


JR Tokai president "hurry Linear Shinkansen procedures"

2014-04-02 14:51:00
Aim the opening of 13 years later in an interview with media outlets about the "Linear Chuo Shinkansen", Tsuge Yasuhide president of JR Tokai, who took office on one day, towards the construction after being based on the opinions of local governments along the route to the effects on the environment I showed the idea to rush the procedure was.


March the United States new car sales up 5.7%

2014-04-02 14:26:00
From the fact that such cold weather record fits, sales recovered to around a large vehicle, sales of new cars last month in the United States, became a plus of 5.7 percent compared to the same month of the previous year.


¥ 15,000 units recovery am closing Nikkei average

2014-04-02 12:00:00
From the depreciation of the yen has advanced in the foreign exchange market, the order goes out to buy the stocks of many focusing on export-related, the Nikkei Stock Average, the Tokyo stock market for two days, three weeks the first time as a time during trading hours I have recovered the 15,000 yen range.


Inflation rate expected to average corporate 1.5% Bank of Japan survey

2014-04-02 11:03:00
Companies that are seen in the survey for the first time went to for companies across the country, next to 1.5% on average expected inflation rate after one year, the Bank of Japan, to reach about 2% of the Bank of Japan is targeting large can ask that it has not been possible to the majority.


73 trillion yen higher than the Bank of Japan funding amount large relaxation before

2014-04-02 10:33:00
indicates the amount of money that the Bank of Japan is supplying to the market "monetary base", by monetary easing massive toward deflation, and approximately 220 trillion yen at the end of the time last month, the large-scale relaxation was introduced a year ago The increase more than 73 trillion yen from the previous, it has become increasing width along the goals of the Bank of Japan.


Also invested pension reserve fund to venture development

2014-04-02 04:56:00
For a new growth strategy that summarize the prospect in June this year, to foster venture businesses, industrial competitiveness meeting of government, accelerate the discussion with a view also to review the investment policy so that it can invest the reserves of public pension It is the policy you want to.


The employment support at 25 locations to a new full-time youth

2014-04-02 04:44:00
This year, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has decided to strengthen the support may be provided to 25 new locations to help young people to work in non-regular employment can be full-time employment as a "youth Hello Work".


Labor shortage increase in companies cautious outlook slightly

2014-04-02 04:20:00
While the percentage of companies that believe in the Tankan = Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises Bank of Japan announced the 1st, against the background of the economic recovery, manpower is not enough has increased further, companies that look carefully a little about the future of the employment it was found that it is increasing is.


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