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Economic news(2014/05/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

ASEAN financial cooperation strengthening confirmation and CJK

2014-05-03 23:55:00
The 3rd, open the finance ministers and central bank governors meeting in Kazakhstan in Central Asia, if a rapid currency depreciation occurs, ASEAN = Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Japan, China, South Korea and the financial crisis by being flexible funds in the region It was confirmed that it and stifle the expansion, and to strengthen cooperation in the financial.


It corresponds to aging that successive opening of small stores

2014-05-03 13:23:00
From such as the demand for the elderly who want to shop at a store near the home is growing, in the retail industry, a move to opening the small stores across the country is spreading.


The verdict of 12 billion yen in compensation Samsung

2014-05-03 12:54:00
In court you are fighting Samsung Electronics and Apple is around the patent, such as smart phones, the 2nd, it recognized that there has been an infringement of the patent to each other, to Samsung, the jury of the Federal District Court of the Western United States California Japanese Yen Of this at I issued a verdict ordering the payment of compensation of more than 12 billion yen.


Rice Japanese companies recognized as dumping in the steel plate

2014-05-03 10:20:00
The certified steel manufacturers in Japan, exported by performing the dumping of cheap unduly price of the product is said to be nickel-plated steel plate, and has given the damage to corporate America, the International Trade Commission in the United States, are exported future I became that high tariffs on steel plate that is imposed.


Rise temporary received NY stock employment statistics

2014-05-03 05:48:00
The New York stock market two days, in response to the unemployment rate has improved significantly in the employment statistics of the last month of the United States, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price has risen by $ 60 near one o'clock, but, in response to the tensions in the Ukraine situation then , were drops by reversal.


To large-scale investment in the Toshiba flash memory business

2014-05-03 01:15:00
Major electronics manufacturers "Toshiba", in business for storage semiconductor called demand is high, such as smart phones and "flash memory", towards the mass production of cutting-edge products that increase dramatically the capacity, along with the manufacturer in the United States, triple It was a firm policy that go ahead to large-scale capital investment in excess of 500 billion yen in total production base of the prefecture Yokkaichi.


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