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Economic news(2014/05/04)

Kyoto   Hakone

The time to drink vending machine price switching

2014-05-04 16:28:00
Months have passed one or from increase in the consumption tax rate, but it takes time to switch tasks in the price of vending machines for beverage, some 2.5 million units around the country, the situation the price varies depending on the vending machines in the same drink or one further about a month or two from the moon, is likely to continue.


Movement of bank leverage big data

2014-05-04 13:16:00
In the banking industry, efforts to grasp the needs of customers to leverage vast amounts of data such as transaction information, the so-called big data, that will concatenate to operating activities is spreading.


"Disadvantage in the depreciation of the yen," about half of the Tokyo SMEs

2014-05-04 06:49:00
where the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has investigated the effects of the weaker yen to target small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo, I've found that nearly half of the companies replied "more of the disadvantages is large," he said.


The wearable terminal to aircraft maintenance

2014-05-04 04:47:00
While exchanging information in real time in the field of aircraft maintenance, and will Susumeyo efficiently work, Japan Airlines began the demonstration experiments mechanic do the work and wearing the information terminal of eyeglass-type.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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