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Economic news(2014/05/10)

Kyoto   Hakone

"Maximum effort utilizing the Japan-US talks" TPP

2014-05-10 19:19:00
Evening the 10th, told reporters, Tsuruoka chief negotiators attend government consultation Sakinohi rice between the two countries prior to departure to the local to the chief negotiators meeting of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement to be held in Vietnam we showed the idea of ​​taking advantage of the results, to make every possible effort towards the conclusion of the negotiations as a whole.


And fishermen with your poor catch Fisheries Agency to exchange opinions

2014-05-10 18:14:00
In response to that poor catch of bonito is followed in many parts of the Pacific Ocean coast of Japan, the 10th, opinion exchange meeting with the fishermen and Fisheries Agency, was held in the thriving city of Kochi bonito fishing.


Overseas selling of government bonds strengthen Treasury New department

2014-05-10 11:34:00
Amid the issuance of government bonds hitting the national debt continues to increase, in order to strengthen the marketing efforts to overseas investors, the Ministry of Finance is now able to provide a new department in July this year.


Trading power generation business in Africa in succession

2014-05-10 10:49:00
In Africa, where power demand is growing rapidly along with the economic growth, major trading companies, has embarked in succession in the power generation business on a large scale.


Highest value update as NY stock market closing price

2014-05-10 05:58:00
The New York stock market of the 9th, the order spread to buy some stocks and financial point of view from the zero interest rate policy of the United States that followed the time being, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price was updated highest value as closing price.


Highest ever closing net income of the company Narita Airport

2014-05-10 04:21:00
Net income becomes a 19.9 billion yen from such that the passengers has increased by new routes flying budget airline, financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31 this year at Narita Airport company that operates the Narita Airport, a record high for the second year in a row were.


Car also challenges to improve business performance outlook

2014-05-10 04:10:00
Financial results for the last fiscal year of the major automobile manufacturers in Japan after another benefit of the record, performance has been greatly improved. Many manufacturers are expected to further increase sales and profits this fiscal year, but after the earnings effect of the depreciation of the yen can not be expected, opaque also the future of the emerging economies, it is a challenge companies whether extensible sales prospects as expected .


Continued focus earnings announcement next week

2014-05-10 00:44:00
Earnings announcement of the leading companies will continue next week. The main thing, such as a three-line Sony, mega-banks will do the earnings announcement for the year ended March 31, 2014 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Hitachi, Sharp, on the 14th to the 12th. Until now, has been followed by a generally strong earnings announcement, but such a trend is either confirmed next week, I will be focused. It is the main plan of settlement other than. ▽ 12 13: Economy Watchers Survey (April). ▽ 13 13: the United States retail sales (April). ▽ 15 13: January-March quarter GDP, consumption trends survey (April). ▽ 17 13: (~ the 18th, Qingdao, China) APEC trade ministers.


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