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Economic news(2014/05/11)

Kyoto   Hakone

New stations diplomatic relations phase of Hokkaido Shinkansen visit

2014-05-11 14:37:00
And visited the station construction is underway in Hokkaido with the aim of opening of the year after next March of "Hokkaido Shinkansen", Ota Minister of Land, showed the expected effect on tourism.


Life insurance companies in Asia, "Japanese-style" strengthen sales

2014-05-11 11:28:00
Life insurance companies in Japan, amid domestic market is shrinking, movement to strengthen in Asia sales technique visit regularly the source of the customer of "Japanese-style", and that trying to expand sales has come out.


Also safeguards the tariff reductions of TPP pork

2014-05-11 04:06:00
For pork that has become one of the focus in the consultation of the United States and Japan over the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, while to significantly reduce tariffs, Japan is likely to trigger the safeguards pulled tariffs when imports surged a policy of using a combination of such that you, seek the protection of domestic producers, we have decided to aim the progress of negotiations.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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