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Economic news(2014/05/23)

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Demonstration to mining of two cases first shale oil

2014-05-23 20:54:00
For shale oil, which is attracting attention as a new resource, mining company of oil and natural gas, petroleum resources development began in the oil fields of Akita Prefecture Oga a demonstration test for the mining which is the second case in the country.


Drops somewhat the 23rd yen exchange rate

2014-05-23 18:23:00
Movement to buy the dollar by selling yen from expectations for the future of the American economy out of Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on the 23rd, the yen has fallen somewhat.


Namura Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary to the Sasebo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

2014-05-23 18:03:00
In order to survive the fierce competition with shipbuilding companies overseas, and decided to a wholly owned subsidiary the Sasebo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. with a shipyard in Nagasaki Prefecture, a leading shipbuilding company in Osaka, Namura Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. is the domestic third place in the construction volume I became that of shipbuilding group is born.


Monthly economic report economic decision deferred

2014-05-23 17:48:00
Since the monthly economic report of the month, a decline in personal consumption is continuing under the influence of the consumption tax hike, "a gradual recovery is continuing, but it is also seen weak movement this place," said the government, last month about the current state of the economy I showed the same judgment.


Stock the 23rd closing price rise

2014-05-23 15:53:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 23rd, the stock price has risen from such as the yen weakens somewhat in the foreign exchange market, the order goes out to buy the stocks of many focusing on export-related.


About 6 trillion yen reduction in the "output gap" rush demand

2014-05-23 15:07:00
The difference between the supply and demand forces in the country that is one of the decisions of deflation, is 2 trillion yen minus "output gap", minus width is about 6 trillion yen reduction island background and last-minute demand for consumption tax hike before were.


Increased industrial power sales volume after tax increase

2014-05-23 14:24:00
Since the power demand of the plant was a relatively strong last month consumption tax rate was raised to power sales volume of the industry which is one of the indicators of the economy, has increased in consecutive months 7 compared with the previous year .


To rebuilding the Hotel Okura main building

2014-05-23 13:58:00
From such an increase in guests are expected at the held of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, one of the leading hotels in Tokyo, "Hotel Okura Tokyo" is now able to Tatekaeru the main building part until 2019.


Enactment of legislation of the funding system on the net

2014-05-23 13:32:00
Defining the institutional and venture companies raise funds easily through the Internet of "crowdfunding", "amendment of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law" was passed, established in the Upper House plenary session of the 23rd.


520,000 units recalled Toyota North America

2014-05-23 10:57:00
The 22nd, Toyota announced a recall of 520,000 units over minivan as such there is a problem with the seat belt and bracket that houses the spare tire, was sold mainly in North America, such as "Siena".


Policy rate cuts in Turkey during silver currency stability

2014-05-23 04:35:00
The 22nd, and held a meeting to determine the monetary policy, the background that the rate of currency lira is becoming stable, in January and later this year it was decided to a significant increase in the key policy interest rate, the Turkish central bank, for the first time, It was decided to lower the policy rate.


It also affects the coup Japanese companies in Thailand

2014-05-23 02:19:00
In some Japanese companies doing business in Thailand, the impact has come out in response to that it has issued a curfew military declared a coup, Toyota, such as discontinuing operations of the night of the plant.


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