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Economic news(2014/05/25)

Kyoto   Hakone

New working hours system is "not worse"

2014-05-25 21:02:00
Told reporters, for that the government is considering the creation remuneration is determined by the outcome of a new "working hours system", Amari economic recovery minister to give a choice that can demonstrate the ability to "workers in Nagoya It said at the "not a corruption of the labor legislation, and sought understanding.


Enhanced in adult diapers market expansion

2014-05-25 13:16:00
From the fact that due to the aging of the population, expansion of the market for adult diapers is expected, movement or to enhance the production facilities among manufacturers, or to introduce new products has one after another.


Japan-US talks safeguard conditions challenge

2014-05-25 05:37:00
The Japan-US talks to be resumed from this weekend brought this one home for the TPP = Pacific partnership agreement, in relation to the tariff of pork and beef of focus, and trigger conditions undo the tariffs if imports surged and "safeguard" It is likely to become one of the issue is whether Miidaseru a compromise, such as.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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