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Economic news(2014/05/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

Automatic exchange of "bit coin" Japan's first

2014-05-28 22:48:00
The only virtual currency on the Internet "bit coin", in February this year, brokerage company in Tokyo bankrupt, damage was spread both at home and abroad, but the number of users in the world, and continues to grow still have been. Against this backdrop, 28 day and night, automatic exchange to exchange cash and bit coin for the first time in the country, was established in Tokyo.


FamilyMart and KPL is business alliance

2014-05-28 21:56:00
By a business alliance with FamilyMart major convenience store chain, to absorb the know-how of convenience store operations, JA Zen-Noh = National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, now that it aims to improve management of the supermarket under the umbrella.


To 40,000 pieces recovered Panasonic notebook PC battery

2014-05-28 20:40:00
Of major electronics manufacturers "Panasonic" is now that as there is a risk of fire laptop batteries to overheat, to recover the battery of more than 40,000.


Rise in five consecutive business days, stock prices

2014-05-28 16:14:00
Order out to buy from expectations for the future of the American economy is the Tokyo stock market of the 28th, the Nikkei Stock Average has risen in five consecutive business days, the first time this year.


Enactment of legislation to incorporate high-speed toll-free of postponement

2014-05-28 14:23:00
Law that incorporates be postponed '15 a maximum period of "free of charge" to cover the cost of aging measures of highway, passed by the Upper House plenary session of the 28th, was established.


Housing price index of rice focus on the impact on the decrease in market

2014-05-28 08:55:00
Exponent typical indicating the price movements of house prices in the United States, the growth rate of March this year is reduced by the fourth consecutive month compared to the previous month, the momentum of rising house prices have weakened, the United States ever attention is likely to gather what kind affect the housing market, which has been the driving force behind the economic recovery.


Proposals to finance medical expenses the court "spending target" setting

2014-05-28 04:56:00
Fiscal System Council of an advisory body to the Minister of Finance in a report put together this month, in order to suppress the social security costs continue to increase in the aging population, and calculate the level should be in medical expenses each prefecture based on billing data of medical fees It was decided to recommend to set as "spending goal" then.


10 commodities emphasis to support JETRO agricultural exports

2014-05-28 00:10:00
JETRO = Japan External Trade Organization is, this means you are towards the export expansion of agricultural and marine products in Japan, the future, to focus support such as marine products of Tokyo, Tsukiji Fish Market and scallops of Hokkaido, the export of products in the region of 10 national directly below.


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