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Economic news(2014/07/08)

Kyoto   Hakone

Position antagonist at Nikko International and All Nippon Airways

2014-07-08 22:57:00
The transport performance of international flights in May this year that Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways announced, exceeded the Japan Airlines is one of a typical index that indicates the transport performance, ANA new routes and from Haneda Airport, was a buoyant, international flights It was a result indicating that the position of both companies have been antagonist.


Hyogo Prefecture beef to "Kobe beef" Europe's first export

2014-07-08 22:33:00
Now that beef in Hyogo Prefecture "Kobe beef" is exported to Europe for the first time, the commemoration ceremony was held at the hotel in Kobe.


The voluntary recall Maruhanichiro 67 million units jelly

2014-07-08 19:34:00
Of food giant "Maruhanichiro" now that you found in part of the jelly that you are selling from last month, mold because they include on the outside of the container, to recall 67 million units over this product.


Start listening consumption tax reduced rate Affiliates

2014-07-08 18:43:00
LDP, New Komeito Party Open the ruling tax council, from the organization that started the hearing of the affiliate for the introduction of a reduced rate of consumption tax, was attended, administrative burden of operators as such increase, to oppose the introduction While opinions were numerous, as such as "We need low-income measures", express understanding of a certain opinion was also issued.


The signed and Australian Prime Minister EPA Date

2014-07-08 18:11:00
Did on explained that performs a summit meeting with Abbott prime minister, was Cabinet decision to exercise acceptance of the right of collective self-defense, and signed and EPA = economic partnership agreement, Prime Minister Abe has visited Australia, and economic security It was confirmed that it will continue to further strengthen cooperation in the face.


Keidanren Chairman nuclear power plant early re-operation

2014-07-08 17:59:00
The 8th, Sakakibara chairman of Keidanren has reiterated the idea that we should be re-run in early primary for you to visit the Tohoku Electric Power of Onagawa in Miyagi Prefecture, the safety of the whole country has been confirmed.


Bank of Japan Deputy Governor "to deflation overwhelm view"

2014-07-08 17:05:00
The 8th, Nakaso Deputy Governor of the Bank of Japan to lecture in Tokyo, monetary easing large now as being proven effective towards the achievement of the inflation target of 2%, suppression of "deflation came into the field of view I have said. "


Labor shortage is corporate bankruptcies cases of reason

2014-07-08 16:32:00
To reflect the recovery trend of the economy, bankruptcy of enterprises of the first half of this year, now at a low level 23 years and 5,000 over, but bankruptcy was because of the labor shortage as has come out in recent years, credit research firm you are going to need to take a look carefully the trends of the future.


I is fading street corner economy revised upward recoil down

2014-07-08 15:57:00
Listen to realize the economic to the people working at the scene of last month "Economy Watchers Survey", from that voice, such as electronics stores and supermarkets, and is recovering from a drop in sales due to consumption tax increase has been asked many, economy index indicating the current state of the will improve in the second consecutive month, the Cabinet Office has been revised upward "Effects of reactionary decline in last-minute demand is fading," said the keynote judgment.


Discussion of finance ministers reduced tax rate is carefully

2014-07-08 14:41:00
In conference after the cabinet meeting of the 8th, for the reduced rate of consumption tax that LDP-New Komeito Party is considering, drawing of items subject is difficult, and as such leads to a reduction in tax revenues, Aso Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Finance discussion I showed once again the idea that we should proceed with caution.


Surplus of consecutive months of current account 4 May

2014-07-08 09:06:00
Of May this year to indicate whether earned much in such financial transactions and trade with foreign countries "current account" is now a surplus of the fourth consecutive month in surplus of 522.8 billion yen.


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