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Economic news(2014/07/24)

Kyoto   Hakone

Financial director of "Asia infrastructure investment bank" days during the consultation

2014-07-24 22:53:00
Amid the relationship between Japan and China is chilly, the 24th, director-general level consultation financial authorities during the day was held in Tokyo, opinion was exchanged Chinese side has proposed the establishment for such as "Asian infrastructure investment bank".


Canon digital camera sales forecast revised downward

2014-07-24 21:56:00
Of the leading precision equipment manufacturers "Canon", was cut 1.6 million units than ever before the outlook of sales this year of recovery in the market as has been delayed worldwide for digital camera business mainstay.


Tomy subsidiary or inappropriate accounting

2014-07-24 21:27:00
As there is a possibility that the subsidiary performs improper accounting, had been inflated 2 billion yen maximum sales, a leading toy manufacturer "Tomy" is, and began an investigation by a committee of professional in-house announced.


To some interruption in the Keio Inokashira Line power failure

2014-07-24 19:21:00
Because of the power outage caused by lightning, Inokashira Keio Electric Railway and is no longer able to drive up and down line between Shibuya and Fujimigaoka.


In partnership with Itochu Thailand's largest corporate group

2014-07-24 18:31:00
ITOCHU leading trading company is committed to agreed to a capital tie-up with the corporate group of the largest in Thailand, future, to strengthen the Asia business in a wide range of businesses such as fisheries and agriculture by taking advantage of the network of this group.


Development of unmanned aircraft flying indoors which is not used GPS

2014-07-24 17:35:00
In unmanned aircraft called the development proceeds in the world as "drone", laboratory of Chiba University, has developed the aircraft new to grasp the position himself sensor also indoors does not work for GPS, to fly precisely.


Month and a half the first time drops or gasoline retail price 4

2014-07-24 17:05:00
From the fact that oil prices have fallen recently, the retail price of regular gasoline this week, has fallen a month and a half the first time or approximately 4.


Can not be ensured persons need one company to three companies labor shortage

2014-07-24 12:10:00
Amid labor shortage is a concern, that the companies that can not be allocated the number of people required for the adoption of mid-employees and part-time job in the three months up to last month amounting to one third of the whole, it was found in a survey of private .


Revenue and profit growth significantly Facebook

2014-07-24 10:28:00
Since it announced the quarterly results of the April-June this year, sales of advertising business grew users is increased, Facebook in the United States that operates a social networking site of the world's largest, has become a significant revenue and profit growth were.


Consecutive month deficit or balance of trade 24

2014-07-24 09:00:00
When depends on the announcement of the Ministry of Finance, trade balance of Japan last month minus imports from exports in deficit of 822.2 billion yen, it became a deficit of 24 consecutive months. When depends on it, were down 2 percent compared with the same month of last year and 5 trillion 939.6 billion yen to exports of Japan last month. On the other hand, the value of imports last month were up 8.4 percent compared with the same month of last year and 6 trillion 761.9 billion yen. As a result, the deficit of 822.2 billion yen, trade balance of Japan last month minus imports from exports became a deficit of 24 consecutive months.


American officials TPP Japan-US talks the early conclusion

2014-07-24 08:00:00
In around the TPP = Pacific partnership agreement, did on resume in Washington in early next month Level Meeting of Japan and the United States, towards the liberalization of high level, high-ranking officials of the United States Trade Representative is, of negotiations as early as possible I have emphasized the idea that aims to conclusion.


Study the suppliers to change famima Japanese company

2014-07-24 03:30:00
By the problem that is pointed out and that food processing company in Shanghai, China had processed ingredients used expired, had been using the ingredients of this company "Family Mart", did on the end a deal with this company In the future, I began to consider to change the suppliers to the processing of Japanese companies that are manufactured in China under strict quality control.


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