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Economic news(2014/07/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

Nissan Motor Co., the first quarter results will increase sales and profits

2014-07-28 20:48:00
It was a sales and profits compared with the same period of last year from such thing financial results for the month, sales in the United States was a strong 3 or April to June this year of "Nissan".


Tactics of the department store

2014-07-28 18:27:00
Amid intense heat continues in many places, efforts by the tailwind the heat, and that try to increase the attract customers with special services have spread at a major department store.


Headquarters to the sale of land at Sony rationalization

2014-07-28 17:14:00
Reserve for bonuses and cost required for the management rationalization measures were including personnel reductions massive, Sony underperformance is followed by 52.8 billion yen of the Group in "Sony Life Insurance" the land of the headquarters in Tokyo, Minato-ku, has announced that it will sell.


First time in six months ¥ 15,500 units Nikkei average

2014-07-28 15:49:00
Tokyo stock market of the 28th beginning of the week, has recovered the ¥ 15,500 units for the first time in half a year about the closing price of the Nikkei Stock Average order is increased to buy from that stock markets in Asia such as China is strong.


Minimum wage significantly raising tour discussion endgame

2014-07-28 11:38:00
Amid Council of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to discuss labor and management for the minimum wage this year marked the final stage of the discussion, such as the employment situation is improving, making it the focus management side is whether to allow a significant hike for the second year in a row.


The corresponding expansion of the ATM to foreign travelers

2014-07-28 05:51:00
If you attempt to increase further the foreign travelers, so that they draw the Japanese Yen from teller machines ATM = automated cash domestic using cards issued abroad, the government, calling for support to such regional banks in addition to big banks I became that.


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