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Economic news(2014/08/30)

Kyoto   Hakone

First landed in the fall salmon in Kushiro Port

2014-08-30 22:28:00
Taste of fall to represent the Hokkaido, trap net fishing in the fall salmon is lifted off the coast of eastern Hokkaido, such as 30 days, landed for the first time have been made.


Decline significantly Brazil GDP growth rate

2014-08-30 20:05:00
And that companies that closed on game day due to the World Cup of soccer was often, and from the drop in capital investment, the growth rate of GDP = gross domestic product from April to June this year in Brazil, in the previous year It indicates that it is a negative 0.9% compared to the same period, the economy is slowing rapidly.


To consider the expansion of the tax to the government deficit large companies

2014-08-30 18:28:00
Towards the reduction of the effective tax rate of corporation tax, for large companies, the government has decided to consider in the direction of expanding to taxation in accordance with the business scale in red "pro forma standard taxation".


Vegetables of the major supermarket prices discounts Sale

2014-08-30 12:18:00
Amid the price of vegetables is soaring due to the influence of typhoons and heavy rains, and an attempt to concatenate to attract customers in the major supermarkets, we are discount sale of vegetables for a limited time.


Demand budget request "challenge promotion frame" of the upper limit almost

2014-08-30 08:49:00
In order to realize the growth strategy of the government, and accepts approximately 4 trillion yen in the largest budget request for the next fiscal year budget to the "priority promotion frame", and business aimed at revitalization of local communities and child care support from each of the ministries were received were.


I successive requests, such as gift tax exemption expansion

2014-08-30 04:20:00
Requests from each ministry toward tax reform next year is unity, for aid of education funds and home purchase, such as from grandparents, etc. to expand the measures of tax-free gift tax but NO, it transferred the funds to the younger generation desire to Engaging Our consumption expansion has been one after another.


Growth of 5.7% in India GDP

2014-08-30 01:21:00
Growth rate of GDP = gross domestic product for the quarter of April to June this year in India, Modi regime was launched in May economy to become a plus of 5.7%, the highest in the past two years, has been slowed It is under the attention, do you regain the momentum.


Focus new car sales next week

2014-08-30 00:40:00
The 1st, sales of new cars in the country last month and August will be announced. In July of the previous, and less than 2.5 percent the same month of last year, such as the effects of recoil of rush demand due to the consumption tax hike, it was reduced to the moon the first time or two. I will note the impact of consumption tax increases whether they followed.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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