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Economic news(2014/09/08)

Kyoto   Hakone

A serious shortage of labor construction industry manpower ensure seminar

2014-09-08 21:27:00
eight days, seminars labor shortage is attracting managers from serious construction company, was the theme of securing personnel, was held in Tokyo.


The involvement resumption of political donations to the Keidanren 5 years

2014-09-08 19:35:00
At a press conference on the 8th, Sakakibara chairman of Keidanren has revealed a policy of calling to perform political contributions to member companies. Keidanren to resume involvement in political contributions in the first time in five years, it is a form that laid out a clear strengthening relations with the Abe administration.


Month the first time or worsened index 4, which shows the current state of the economy

2014-09-08 16:35:00
Listen to realize the economic to the people working at the scene of last month "Economy Watchers Survey", from that voice sales of drinks such as decreased at a convenience store by bad weather such as heavy rain there were many, the exponent that indicates the present state of the economy I was worse the first time a month or 4.


Rise a modest share price

2014-09-08 15:46:00
Order is increased buying in the background expectations for the future of the American economy, stock price has risen slightly in the Tokyo stock market of the 8th beginning of the week.


Largest-ever August trade surplus of China

2014-09-08 15:33:00
While exports grew from the previous year mainly in the United States for the recovery of the economy continues, from the fact that imports such as iron ore is reduced, trade balance last month in China, update the surplus of the largest ever in the second consecutive month were.


Fall salmon fishing ban in the town of landing Zenkokuichi

2014-09-08 12:24:00
Port of autumn salmon fishing becomes a ban in Shari-cho, Hokkaido most common across the country landed salmon, salmon silvery has been landed was to flourish from early morning.


The surplus in the month or the first time in July current account 2

2014-09-08 09:03:00
To indicate whether earned much in such financial transactions and trade with foreign countries, in Japan in July this year "current account" is now a surplus of the month the first time or two in an increase in the receipt of the revenue of direct investment abroad were.


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