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Economic news(2014/10/06)

Kyoto   Hakone

Discussion a mechanism to replace the exemption for spouse

2014-10-06 21:15:00
The 6th, from the viewpoint of open meetings of the expert group, to promote employment expansion of women based on the low birthrate and aging society, Government Tax Commission gave a full-fledged discussion about the new mechanism to replace the now "spouse deduction" .


To the closed two plants in production intensive two-wheeler Suzuki

2014-10-06 21:02:00
"Suzuki" is to be as such as to consolidate the new plant under construction in the industrial park of Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, the production of two-wheelers, to close two factories of Takatsuka plant in Shizuoka Prefecture and Toyokawa plant in Aichi Prefecture became.


Foreign exchange market yen exchange rate drops of the 6th

2014-10-06 18:23:00
Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on six days of the beginning of the week, move to sell yen to buy a dollar received an improvement in the employment of the United States is strengthened, the yen has fallen.


Recovery prior to selling Japanese cars of foreign cars

2014-10-06 17:11:00
Domestic sales of foreign cars last month, became a form that becomes a plus to the moon the first time or 6 and the effect of the introduction of new models, begin to recover earlier than the Japanese cars minus sales followed under the influence of the consumption tax increase.


Stock the 6th closing price rise

2014-10-06 16:02:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 6th beginning of the week, the order comes out in response to the depreciation of the yen foreign exchange market and expectations for the future of the American economy, buy a wide range of issues centering on export-related, stock price has risen.


World Bank economic outlook announced in East Asia

2014-10-06 14:33:00
For economic growth rate this year in the East Asian region, excluding Japan, the World Bank, has announced the growth outlook dull than last year, such as deceleration of the Chinese economy, it remains to 6.9%.


Big rise in sales almost entirely stock

2014-10-06 12:35:00
In response to the depreciation of the yen foreign exchange market and the improvement in the employment of the United States, the Tokyo stock market of the 6th beginning of the week becomes a deployment of full high almost in the center stocks of export-related, stock price has risen significantly.


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