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Economic news(2014/10/08)

Kyoto   Hakone

The effect on the courier Tokaido some interruption

2014-10-08 21:42:00
By a landslide caused by Typhoon 18 of the 6th, some sections of the JR Tokaido Line in Shizuoka Prefecture has been suspended even now, in the transportation industry, the impact of such as discontinuing the acceptance of the shipment of Kyushu for from Kanto I have come up.


Divided into light and dark convenience store interim results

2014-10-08 21:22:00
While the two companies, including private brand products were strong even under the influence of such consumption tax increases were recorded operating income of record, interim results up to August this year of five major convenience store chains, three companies remain it becomes decline is, it became a form of light and dark split.


The criticism to Tohoku Electric Power you are limiting the purchase

2014-10-08 20:59:00
The 8th, Tohoku Electric Power that institutional power companies purchase the power generated by renewable energy such as sunlight, which limits the purchase from this month to open the briefing of business owners in Akita City, from attendees criticism was after another.


The 8th rise yen exchange rate

2014-10-08 18:15:00
Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on the 8th, from that cautious have come to the future of the global economy, relatively, the movement to buy a circle is a safe asset is out, the yen has risen somewhat.


Concern outlook unchanged economic realize

2014-10-08 16:26:00
Listen to realize the economic to the people working at the scene of last month "Economy Watchers Survey", while the voice that concern the rise in raw material prices in the progress of the depreciation of the yen was heard, the influence of reactionary decline in rush demand associated with the consumption tax increase from that voice that has faded is is out, index that indicates the present state of the economy is now the same as the previous month. However, voices of concern, such as the persistently high gasoline prices in many cases, index indicating the future of the economy, were lower than in the previous month.


"Innovation Warming Prevention" forum

2014-10-08 16:08:00
International Forum on the theme of innovation in order to promote global warming is opened in Tokyo, via a video message, Prime Minister Abe is, to advance the technological development international community to work together towards the reduction of greenhouse gas It has recommended that you develop a roadmap = roadmap for.


Closing stock price drops

2014-10-08 15:54:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 8th, the stock has fallen orders sell out in a wide range of stocks from such concerns about the future of the global economy.


Decline in crude oil futures price outlook concerns

2014-10-08 10:34:00
The spread is the view demand for gasoline that or not than decrease from the concern of the future of the world economy, futures price of crude oil fell to 1 barrel = $ 88 table, New York crude oil market for seven days, about one and a half years It was a level of.


Surplus consecutive month current account 2

2014-10-08 09:11:00
In such receives revenue growth of direct investment abroad, to indicate whether earned much in such financial transactions and trade with foreign countries, in Japan in August this year "current account" is now a surplus of two consecutive months were.


To review such as McDonald's pricing

2014-10-08 07:34:00
"Japan McDonald's Holdings", in response that it has become the expected gains and losses final year this year to fall into the red, the future, and renovation of the store and review of the pricing of the product towards the recovery of performance It has to be advanced.


Downward revision greatly growth rate forecast of Japan

2014-10-08 05:13:00
It published the outlook for the global economy of the latest, for the prediction of the growth rate of this year in Japan, the drop in consumption tax hike after as was large, IMF = International Monetary Fund plus 0.9 0.7 point lower than ever % I have revised down significantly.


To the first import of crude oil Cosmo Oil rice production

2014-10-08 04:23:00
Cosmo Oil of Motouri oil giant, now be imported into Japan for the first time the type of crude oil that is produced in association with the drilling of shale oil in the United States. For Japan to import from the Middle East most of the crude oil, it is attention or lead to the diversification of suppliers.


Export used cars "Gulliver" is to overseas expansion

2014-10-08 01:16:00
Domestic's largest "Gulliver International", that it solidified a policy of the tailwind the depreciation of the yen lately, embark in earnest on the business to be sold abroad by exporting used cars, and with stores in New Zealand in used car sales now.


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