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Economic news(2014/10/30)

Kyoto   Hakone

Increase of US GDP 2 consecutive

2014-10-30 22:48:00
Preliminary estimates of GDP = gross domestic product from this year July until September of America, from the fact that consumer spending and corporate capital investment was strong growth, compared to the three months before in it was real annualized and an increase of 2 consecutive at 3.5% plus, the US economy has continued to grow steadily.


Forecast of 32 billion yen loss in such as Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metals accident

2014-10-30 22:05:00
"Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metals" is, under the influence of a series of troubles and accidents of Nagoya Works, has revealed the prospect of leaving a loss of 32 billion yen according to the year 1 year.


The possibility of crop of rice decreased average year also distribution amount

2014-10-30 20:59:00
Crop of this year of rice, but has become "average year" at the time this month on the 15th, there is also a poor rice quality under the influence of the lack of sunlight since August in Hokkaido, the possibility that the distribution amount is less than the annual is I'm out.


The drops in the yen 109 yen table

2014-10-30 18:18:00
Tokyo foreign exchange market of 30 days, it is possible that the central bank of the United States, FRB = Federal Reserve Board has improved the recognition of and employment situation that decided the end of quantitative easing, sell the yen to buy a dollar out movement, the yen has fallen to $ 1 = 109 yen stand the first half for the first time in about three weeks.


Maximum past deficit of Skymark 13.6 billion yen

2014-10-30 17:58:00
"Skymark Airlines" airline, to fix this fiscal year of the earnings forecast downward, from such as increased competition from budget airlines, the final profit or loss has announced that the deficit of a maximum of 13.6 billion yen the past. Tour of the review of passenger aircraft purchase, the whereabouts as soon as such a large amount of penalty being sought from the European aircraft maker "Airbus", I have that there is a possibility that the deficit is further expanding.


December minute price cuts have all electricity and gas rates

2014-10-30 17:03:00
Power company and a leading city gas company four companies nationwide 10, from the fact that import prices of LNG = liquefied natural gas fell, now to be price cut all together the price of this year in December minute.


Recoil more revenue decline of Daihatsu rush demand

2014-10-30 16:50:00
Interim results of up to last month automakers "Daihatsu" is, lower sales profits as such is followed by reaction of the surge in demand due to the consumption tax hike, forecasts for this year of year were also revised downward.


I exceed the first time the contract number of conventional mobile smartphone

2014-10-30 16:27:00
Domestic mobile phone market smartphone usage is steadily increasing in, that the contract number of smartphone exceeds the first conventional type of mobile phone at the end of last month I was found in the investigation of private research company.


Commercial electric vehicles Nissan released

2014-10-30 15:49:00
When seeking to widespread use of electric vehicles, Nissan, launched the electric car commercial that is expected to be used for such goods delivery in the country.


Brazil central bank six months the first time in rate hike

2014-10-30 13:29:00
Central Bank of Brazil, and decided to 11.25 percent, raising the policy rate in six months the first time, showed a commitment to inflation measures.


In quantitative easing the decision to terminate the stock price rise rice

2014-10-30 12:30:00
Tokyo stock market of 30 days, the central bank of the United States, from the fact that FRB = Federal Reserve Board is progressing is weaker yen in the foreign exchange market such as that decided the end of quantitative easing, the export-related stocks order to buy the center comes out, stock price has risen.


Weaker yen stock prices in the NY market interest rate hike

2014-10-30 05:56:00
The 29th New York foreign exchange market, in a statement that FRB = Federal Reserve Board announced this day, in response to that showed the recognition that the employment situation is improving, widespread observation of the go ahead to raise interest rates in early from it was, the yen has fallen in the second half yen $ 1 = 108 base.


Yen exchange rate in the US quantitative easing ends

2014-10-30 04:10:00
Central Bank of the United States, FRB = Federal Reserve Board is that decided the end of quantitative easing, the future, the timing of the release of which is another pillar zero interest rate policy of the policy becomes the focus, the time of release over speculation is attention is what affect the yen exchange rate.


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