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Economic news(2014/12/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

Strengthen offensive to European companies in Iran car market

2014-12-02 22:41:00
In the Middle East of Iran, held an international conference that automotive companies at home and abroad to participate, settled in nuclear development problem Tsukazu, of lifting of sanctions Among that time is not foresee, European companies with Iran side, such as technology transfer is carried out proposals for strengthening cooperation, we are strengthening the offensive to Iran market.


Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to the US bio-venture company acquisition

2014-12-02 20:11:00
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in order to strengthen the field of treatment of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's type dementia, announced the acquisition of American bio-venture company with strengths in this area at approximately 420 billion yen.


The interest in the evaluation of foreign investors Abenomics

2014-12-02 19:31:00
House of Representatives election is the 2nd, from foreign investors who participated in the investment seminar in response to that was advertised had gathered interested in whether the Abe administration of economic policy, Abenomics how they are evaluated.


Benesse Holdings to about 300 people reduction

2014-12-02 18:17:00
Benesse Holdings, in response to that performance is deteriorated in the outflow incidents of personal information in the subsidiary, as part of the rationalization measures, clearly Island plans to reduce the approximately 300 people of personnel in the entire group during the current fiscal year was.


Begin Hokkaido Shinkansen test run

2014-12-02 17:26:00
In Hokkaido Shinkansen which opened in the year after next March, a full-fledged test run starts, is ran for the first time Shinkansen vehicle Hokkaido operating interval from the 2nd.


Rating cut of five domestic banks

2014-12-02 16:52:00
America's leading rating agencies, Moody's, the rating that indicates the creditworthiness of Japanese government bonds in accordance with the fact that it was a one-notch downgrade, pulling one stage than ever before even five bank rating of domestic, including the Tokyo UFJ Bank and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Mitsubishi I announced.


Stock price ¥ 17,600 base recovery

2014-12-02 15:54:00
Tokyo stock market of two days, after entering in the afternoon, such as downward trend of crude oil price of this place an increasing number of orders to buy stocks of the material such as an automobile, the average share price recovers the ¥ 17,600 units Nikkei, approximately 7 years 4 months the first time highs me has been updated for the second consecutive day.


Monetary base 4 months past the best in continuous

2014-12-02 11:24:00
shows the amount of money that the Bank of Japan has been supplied to the market "monetary base" is, in effect, which decided to additional monetary easing at the end of October, will be 262 trillion yen more than at the time of the end of last month, the highest past and continue 4 months has been updated.


Lowest price updated in the ruble crude oil weaker

2014-12-02 05:50:00
In the foreign exchange market of the day, from concern that not to worsen the oil-producing countries Russian economy in the fall of oil prices, spread the movement to sell the currency rubles, I've updated the lowest against the dollar and the euro .


To the New Year's holiday travelers past the second multitude

2014-12-02 05:10:00
In this New Year, people who go out to travel to domestic and overseas, from such that a sequence of calendar has become easier to get the long holidays, and beyond the same 30 million people a year ago, the second to many ever It is composed of outlook.


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