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Economic news(2014/12/13)

Kyoto   Hakone

Adjustment in incentives prohibited to TPP state-owned enterprises

2014-12-13 15:43:00
Chief negotiators meeting of TPP = Pacific partnership agreement, which has been held in the United States is the end, the participating countries, the Tour of corrective incentives to state-owned enterprises, as a general rule the incentives to state-owned enterprises to expand business overseas matched by advancing the adjustment in the direction of prohibiting.


To adjust the vacant house measures taxation strengthening

2014-12-13 14:25:00
From the fact that the increase in vacant house has become a problem in terms of disaster prevention of local, government, for such land is vacant there is a risk of collapse located, is exempt of mitigation measures of property tax, encourage the rebuilding or sell It is now possible to proceed with the adjustment in the direction.


Full-scale winter bonus season is

2014-12-13 13:25:00
Amid delayed recovery of consumption, such as in the Tokyo metropolitan area of ​​department stores, relatively to match the timing of winter bonus is paid, the price will have to strengthen sales, such as increasing the assortment of increase of goods.


Agreement postponement of WTO IT equipment tariff negotiations

2014-12-13 07:48:00
Of the WTO = World Trade Organization member countries, Japan and negotiations that such was the aim of tariff elimination of information and communication equipment such as digital video camera to join the United States, but conclusion of this month had been expected, South Korea It was rough going from such that it has insisted that adding a product of interest in new, it was decided to postpone the agreement.


Does not take Russian currency ruble depreciation brakes

2014-12-13 07:30:00
In response to the further decline in crude oil prices, oil-producing countries Russian currency ruble, updates the lowest against the dollar and the euro, has become a situation where not to apply brakes on the decline.


European market crude oil plunged received stock large drops

2014-12-13 06:24:00
The 12th European major stock market, not applied brakes on the decline in crude oil prices, bulge sell order spread concern to the performance deterioration of the energy-related companies, stock index more than 2.7 percent in Frankfurt market for example, to decline, stock prices have fallen significantly in each market.


The plunge in NY crude oil futures price 1:57 dollars

2014-12-13 05:26:00
The 12th New York crude oil market, from the fact that international energy agencies downgraded the next year of crude oil demand outlook, gathered sell orders in futures, temporarily futures price of crude oil, one barrel to 5 years 7 months the first time = I was plunged 57 dollars.


Are summarized draft of a new Code of Conduct of the Financial Services Agency companies

2014-12-13 04:45:00
In an attempt to concatenate to improve profitability by increasing the transparency of corporate management, the Financial Services Agency, for listed companies, the new Code of Conduct of the company that incorporates such as by asking you to adopt the outside directors two or more people I have compiled a draft.


Next week the focus FRB Open Market Committee

2014-12-13 00:14:00
16th and 17th, the central bank of the United States, FRB = Federal Reserve Board, to open the Open Market Committee to determine the monetary policy. In Open Market Committee this year in October, FRB has decided to end of "quantitative easing", in the market, when a great deal of attention on whether go ahead to raise interest rates by releasing the "zero interest rate policy" has gathered . In this Open Market Committee of the press conference that takes place after the end, it will be noted that such whether Ieren chairman to what remarks.


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