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Economic news(2015/01/05)

Kyoto   Hakone

Strong sales of department store's first sale for foreigners

2015-01-05 18:52:00
This year the first sale of a major department store, from such as that sold for foreign travelers grew larger, sales were higher than last year at 4 Shachu two companies.


Tokyo market yen exchange rate drops

2015-01-05 18:35:00
Foreign exchange market, this year the first transaction the 5th as the Tokyo market, from the expected to the American economic outlook, out movement to buy the dollar by selling yen, yen exchange rate has fallen.


First trading stock index rise of Shanghai market

2015-01-05 18:12:00
Last year, the Shanghai stock market, which was a major rise noticeably among the major stock markets of the world, the first transaction is carried out this year, typical stock index rose more than 3 percent compared with the end of the year, market relations who, tend to funds in the market from the expected flows to the monetary easing of Chinese authorities We analyze whether not continue to for a while.


To plus domestic in new car sales the first time in six months

2015-01-05 17:12:00
Last month, new car of the number that have been sold in Japan is higher than 2% the same month of the previous year from such that sales of light vehicles grew, was turned positive for the first time in six months.


TPP negotiations US administration and Congress of adjustment is the key

2015-01-05 16:40:00
American rapid agreement of the Obama administration TPP = Pacific partnership agreement, positioned at the important issue of this year, we have decided to go in search to Congress the establishment of law that is required in order to put together the agreement, the United States adjustment of it is going to be able to affect the outcome of the negotiations of TPP.


Tokyo stock market closing price is modest drops

2015-01-05 16:13:00
Tokyo stock market 5 days became the first transaction of this year, although orders from selling such as concerns about the future of the European economy was preceded, spread orders to buy after entering in the afternoon, stock prices became a modest drops .


And integrated into the bank's acquisition of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Thai business

2015-01-05 15:43:00
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ was integrated into the Bank of Ayudhya, which acquired the business in Thailand from the 5th, we have decided to strengthen the future, to introduce the Thai company to suppliers of Japanese companies the business in Southeast Asia.


In interest rates past the lowest flat 35 in long-term interest rates decline

2015-01-05 15:08:00
from the fact that long-term interest rates has declined, interest rates of '35 loan mainstay of long-term fixed type of mortgage that private financial institutions are dealing in partnership with Housing Finance Agency "Flat 35" this month, 1.47 The fall% in, it was the lowest ever.


Drops more than 200 yen at the Tokyo market price one

2015-01-05 13:01:00
Tokyo stock market 5 days will be the first transaction of this year, out of the sell order from such concerns about the future of the European economy, stock price has fallen.


Annual Daihakkai lively and trading hope the New Year in Tokyo Stock Exchange

2015-01-05 11:09:00
Five days in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the annual Daihakkai is carried out, parties to the hand tightening, we wish the active trading of this year one year.


"Even choices Bear" wage increase called Keidanren Chairman

2015-01-05 04:55:00
Keidanren Sakakibara Chairman, for this year of the Japanese economy, as well as showing the view that subsequent recovery trend in the background to improve corporate performance, towards the spring offensive, revenue so-called "base-up" for the enlarged company also choices I have emphasized the idea of ​​calling for wage increases as.


Strengthening plan announced economic cooperation with Israel Japan

2015-01-05 04:28:00
Before Abe Prime Minister to visit Israel this month, Israeli government, with the aim of strengthening cooperation in Japan and economic, we have established an office for promoting trade in Osaka, exports to Japan was announced plans incorporating such that significantly increase.


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