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Economic news(2015/01/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

Minus in the eurozone price index 5 years 2 months the first time

2015-01-07 22:00:00
Preliminary figures of the last month of the consumer price index of the euro area that have introduced the single currency euro, in and the impact of crude oil price declines, decline and 0.2% compared to the same month of the previous year, 5 year I was negative in two months the first time. Amid fears of deflation is strengthened, the European Central Bank, this month, will be noted that whether the go ahead to the introduction of such a purchase quantitative easing countries of government bonds.


To integrate the carbon fiber business of Mitsubishi Chemical subsidiary

2015-01-07 21:12:00
"Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings" chemical giant, in order to strengthen the carbon fiber business expansion of demand around the car is expected, as the "Mitsubishi Plastics" of subsidiary carbon fiber business of "Mitsubishi Rayon", this year in April was announced that it will integrate.


Yen exchange rate modest price movements

2015-01-07 18:44:00
Tokyo foreign exchange market of 7 days, from the difference of view about the future of futures price of crude oil, buy and sell is interlaced, yen exchange rate has become a modest price movements against the dollar.


Japan McDonald's apology

2015-01-07 17:11:00
"McDonald's Holdings", in response to problems such as a foreign substance had been mixed into chicken nuggets that was sold in Aomori Prefecture shop, seven days a press conference in Tokyo, was multiplied by the inconvenience and great worry to "Customer I've apologized as deeply apologize "that.


New vehicles shipped from the UK Hitachi orders

2015-01-07 16:07:00
Major electronics manufacturer "Hitachi" high-speed rail of the new vehicle that has received an order from the United Kingdom of railway birthplace is is complete of, shipment began in offices of Yamaguchi Prefecture.


Stock modest price movements

2015-01-07 15:57:00
Tokyo stock market of 7 days, while leaving the sell order from concerns about the global economy of the future due to the crude oil depreciation, stock price movement is also out to redeem this place drops the brand became a modest price movements.


And drops to 145 yen gasoline

2015-01-07 15:33:00
In response to the decline in crude oil prices, retail price of this week of regular gasoline has fallen to 145 yen per liter in about 2 years and 2 months the first time.


Consumer electronics show Japan urges companies focus

2015-01-07 15:05:00
Largest consumer electronics show the world, Japan time of 7 days at the United States of Las Vegas, was kicked off. Among the consumer electronics consumer, such as a television Korean and Chinese companies increase the presence, Japan manufacturers have to clear the attitude to strengthen the infrastructure and technology of automobile-related, such as enterprise.


Level of Tokyo crude oil drops 4 years 4 months

2015-01-07 12:15:00
In the Tokyo Commodity Exchange of 7 days, from the view that crude oil oversupply of state of continue for the time being in such concerns about the outlook for the European economy, out the sell order in crude oil futures, futures price at the heart of the deal, approximately I interrupt 40,000 yen per kiloliter for the first time in four years four months.


The jointly operated the Cosmo and TonenGeneral refinery

2015-01-07 11:48:00
Amid domestic demand for gasoline falls, oil wholesalers leading the "Cosmo Oil", "Tonen General Sekiyu" was established a new company to be operated jointly by the refineries that the two companies have in Chiba Prefecture.


In the past the lowest level that follows lowering long-term interest rates

2015-01-07 10:42:00
7-day Tokyo bond market, in response to the stock prices of the US and European markets, from the fact that growing movement to buy Japanese government bonds, which is trying to avoid the risk among investors and the relatively safe assets, long-term interest rates up to 0.265 percent decrease, and has been updated in the past lowest level Following 6 days.


NY stock $ 130 more than drops

2015-01-07 06:52:00
New York stock market of the 6th spread orders sell a wide range of stocks from such anxiety to the future of the global economy due to crude oil weaker, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price has fallen more than $ 130.


Drops up to NY crude oil 1:47 dollars

2015-01-07 05:53:00
From such view of the New York crude oil market 6 days followed by excessive state supply of crude oil, sell order is gathered, the futures price of crude oil is temporarily drops island up to 1 barrel $ 47 stand in eight months the first time in years approximately 5 was.


To conference at McDonald's nuggets problem

2015-01-07 02:54:00
McDonald's is a problem that foreign matter in chicken nuggets that was sold in Aomori Prefecture, the store was contaminated, although the nuggets that have been manufactured on the same day in the same factory in more than 850 stores in 14 prefectures have been used, so far foreign matter was revealed that it has not been confirmed anew. McDonald's is the 7th, in a press conference, we have to explain the such investigation of the circumstances and measures.


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