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Economic news(2015/02/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

Kirin high quality beer slump in sales profits

2015-02-12 21:30:00
Leading alcoholic beverage manufacturer, financial results for the year of last year ended December 31 of Kirin Holdings, from such as that sluggish sales in areas where price is referred to as the high "premium beer" in high quality, I declined profits.


Strong a sales and profit growth, such as optimism ecommerce

2015-02-12 19:03:00
IT major, closing of one year of last year December period of Rakuten, from such things ecommerce business mainstay was strong, and increased sales and profits, operating income that shows profit of core business was exceeded for the first time 100 billion yen.


Joint burden in the automotive three companies hydrogen stations spread

2015-02-12 17:51:00
Toyota Motor Corp. and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and give it an attempt Honda automobile manufacturers three companies of the case spread the hydrogen station for fuel cell vehicles, has agreed to continue to bear the costs associated with facility jointly.


Amari Minister "committed to economic revival and financial soundness"

2015-02-12 16:47:00
Amari economic recovery Minister was carried out economic speech in the plenary session of both houses, showed the idea that given our best to economic recovery and fiscal soundness.


Aso Finance Minister, "the early establishment of the budget."

2015-02-12 16:37:00
Aso Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, performs financial speech at the plenary session of both houses, the new fiscal year budget is as to achieve both economic recovery and fiscal soundness, sought cooperation in early passage.


High level of stock price 7 years 7 months the first time

2015-02-12 16:14:00
Tokyo stock market on the 12th of day after a holiday, the spread is the order to buy from such that advanced the yen against the dollar in the foreign exchange market, the Nikkei Stock Average, temporary, recover ¥ 18,000 units for the first time in about two months was.


Asia's largest camera exhibition Yokohama

2015-02-12 15:55:00
Begins with the exhibition of Asia's largest camera Yokohama from the 12th, such as a digital camera that can shoot while checking his face on the LCD screen, the product that proposes a new use has been attracting attention.


Low level of gasoline drops about the first time in four years

2015-02-12 15:41:00
Retail price of regular gasoline, also drops this week in response to the downward trend in crude oil prices, the national average per liter, was a low level for the first time in two months 133.5 yen and four years.


Stock price ¥ 18,000 base recovery about two months the first time

2015-02-12 13:12:00
Tokyo stock market holiday dawning 12th, spread orders to buy after entering in the afternoon from such that the yen against the dollar is progressing in the foreign exchange market, the Nikkei Stock Average, the temporary, approximately 2 months as during the trading hours I have recovered the ¥ 18,000 units in yellowtail.


The rise more than 300 yen in stock prices morning

2015-02-12 12:25:00
Tokyo stock market on the 12th of day after a holiday, it has advanced the yen against the dollar in the foreign exchange market and, orders of the 12th major machinery manufacturers of last year in December, which was announced in the morning is a plus in two consecutive months order spread to buy from such that it became, the Nikkei Stock Average temporary, has risen more than 300 yen.


Corporate goods price index 3 consecutive months minus

2015-02-12 11:05:00
Shows a mono price movements that are traded between companies, last month of corporate goods price index, the year before from such that the continued decline of petroleum products, in three consecutive months Excluding the impact of the consumption tax hike I was lower than the same month of.


"9 trillion yen excess of deficit in FY2020 countries and local"

2015-02-12 09:45:00
Cabinet Office, even if raised to planned 10% in April the year after the consumption tax rate economic growth is followed in the future, is an indicator of fiscal consolidation "basic fiscal balance" is, Together with national and local 9 trillion become a deficit of more than a circle, the goal of profitability in 2020 fiscal summarizes the estimates to be can not be achieved.


I more than the previous month in consecutive months machinery orders 2

2015-02-12 09:00:00
Orders of the major machinery manufacturers of last year in December to show the future of capital investment companies, and the like that orders from the manufacturing industry has grown significantly, with the exception of the ships and power fluctuation is large, compared to the previous month 8.3% increase to became positive in two consecutive months. Cabinet Office, it is assumed "gentle movements of an incipient recovery can be seen" for the economy, was revised upward the keynote judgment in four months the first time.


And medical equipment factory in Toshiba Malaysia

2015-02-12 07:39:00
Toshiba of major electronics manufacturers, because the growth is to strengthen the business of the medical field, which is expected, newly provided the factory of medical equipment in Malaysia, we have decided to expand exports to such future, Asia and Europe.


To the affected areas of tobacco dealer deregulation

2015-02-12 05:47:00
Were affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, in order to support the business resumption of cigarette dealer, the Ministry of Finance has decided to specially easing the restrictions on outlet opening.


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