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Economic news(2015/03/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

First demonstration flight in the "Honda Jet" next month in Japan

2015-03-01 16:07:00
Honda small business jet being developed by the United States to "Honda Jet" next month, in the first time to demo flight plan in the country, developed in before the first delivery of the aircraft that is scheduled for the first half of this year the final You have reached the stage.


University of job hunting "3 or the month late" start

2015-03-01 13:09:00
Job fairs of companies that target such as the University of third grade to graduate in the spring of next year will be lifted in one day, a full-fledged job hunting has started. It becomes more than three months late lifting of the ban far in Keidanren's policy, was also heard voices and confused from the student.


Liberal Democratic Party of Japan Post Bank savings limit hike also view

2015-03-01 05:36:00
Liberal Democratic Party, formed a new mission Committee on postal service, to also view that raising the such deposit limit of savings of "Japan Post Bank" has become a 10 million yen, summarize the party of ideas until the summer of this year our policy.


PR aims Japanese Shinkansen introduced in India

2015-03-01 04:23:00
When I'll have to introduce the technology and know-how of the Japanese Shinkansen to high-speed rail for the first time and made in India, is seminar to introduce the bullet train of charm in the capital New Delhi was held.


Also successive price increases of familiar food March

2015-03-01 04:15:00
Because of the rise of such weak yen and raw material prices, but we are series of price increases of this place familiar food, this month, such as paste products of ice cream and fish will be price increases.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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