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Economic news(2015/03/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

PR popularity rise of Japanese rice in China

2015-03-21 18:09:00
Event and that'll let you know widely the charm of Japanese rice that has been growing in popularity in China was held in Shanghai department stores, such as rice balls to shoppers has been served.


China proposed investment silver rice cautious emphasis

2015-03-21 08:24:00
Amid China's announced its participation in succession Asian infrastructure investment banks in countries of Europe, such as the UK and Germany, which has proposed the establishment, the United States Department of State is the 20th, a cautious attitude to participate as "Our position does not change." again I was stressed.


Sold in the design of products Buddha from Kabuki

2015-03-21 06:55:00
"UNIQLO" of major clothing chain, when attempts to place the charm of Kabuki is a traditional Japanese culture to the world, the sale of products such as T-shirt that was designed on the basis of the costumes that are used in Kabuki in France began.


NY Dow one o'clock $ 200 ultra-rise

2015-03-21 06:33:00
The 20th New York stock market gathered order to buy a wide range of stocks in response to the flow of stock price rises in key markets of Europe, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price has risen by one o'clock $ 200 or more.


Tax evasion measures each country to provide account information

2015-03-21 04:31:00
As tax evasion measures by such wealthy using a financial institution overseas, 93 countries and regions, including Japan, if you are promoting a mechanism making mutually provide account information of a financial institution aims to up to 2018, and enforcement by the tax authorities have been expected to lead to strengthening of.


Focus US consumer price index of economy next week

2015-03-21 00:45:00
The 24th, the last month of the consumer price index of the United States will be announced. Index of January is rapid depreciation of crude oil continues, gasoline prices have become negative in three consecutive months since dropped significantly, it became a significant decline since December 2008. If downturn in prices is prolonged, 2% of the American central bank of that price rise is listed in goal has continued to exceptional zero interest rate policy, will be only the announcement contents attention also affect the time judgment of rate hikes of FRB.


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