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Economic news(2015/06/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

Also impact on the European market of Greece problem early next week

2015-06-28 19:12:00
Situation is a movement largely around the Greek debt problem, and that situation has further deepened the confusion, the beginning of the week, the European financial markets and he has big upset fear.


The intensified concerns about the Greece debt default

2015-06-28 18:49:00
Greek Parliament, EU = next month from such as the European Union a referendum to ask the pros and cons of the austerity measures that are a condition for financial assistance is approved by a majority vote to be carried out in the 5th, concerns about the Greek debt default that it is stronger.


Hourly wage 24 months continuous rise of temporary staff

2015-06-28 14:10:00
Hourly wage for companies to present to recruit temporary staff, it has risen from the previous year in 24 consecutive months up to last month, the so-called "My Number System" correspondence there is a growing demand from companies and local governments in the "IT · inquiry of human resources at the center of the business of technology system "has intensified.


Movement of the leading trading company Cher related business review

2015-06-28 04:10:00
The business of Cher related that profitability is exacerbated by the decline in commodity prices, for example, by considering the withdrawal from the development of shale oil that Sumitomo is doing in the United States, out movement to review the business in a major Japanese trading company It has.


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