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Economic news(2015/08/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

Strengthen relations outreach to the Economy, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister of Iran visit

2015-08-07 21:33:00
In response to the final agreement over the nuclear program of Iran, from the fact that there is a growing possibility that the economic sanctions is released, the Japanese government dispatched to Iran Deputy Minister Yamagiwa of Economy, Trade and Industry from the 8th, strengthening economic relations with Japan It is now possible to encourage the.


The new plant opened in Mazda Thailand

2015-08-07 20:33:00
Strengthening automakers Mazda, in Thailand of Southeast Asia, the ever manufacturing plant of transmission of the main components that had been imported from Japan provided, and that it build a system that can be produced consistently in the field, exports to Asia and other regions are we doing to be.


Beer major interim results three companies profits

2015-08-07 20:24:00
Leading beer maker four companies of this year Suntory in interim results of January-June, Kirin, Asahi of three companies among a shrinking overall market of domestic beer based beverages, function with reduced carbohydrate and purine such as the gender of goods and whiskey, is now an increase in that it has increased sales in other alcoholic beverages.


President Kuroda "exports and consumption in any recovery"

2015-08-07 17:43:00
In the Bank of Japan Kuroda press conference following the monetary policy meeting, as the weak movement of exports and personal consumption of up to 6 months from April this year remains to be temporary, the future, both exports and consumption recovery It showed the view that return to the keynote.


Even independence maintained guidance of diplomatic relations phase Skymark Airlines

2015-08-07 13:01:00
Airline Skymark Airlines has received support from such ANA Holdings, about to full-scale restructuring, Ota Land, Infrastructure and Transport Minister at a press conference after the cabinet meeting, in order to ensure a competitive environment of the airline industry, the independence of Skymark Airlines It showed the idea to continue to guidance as necessary to maintain.


To the Bank of Japan economic decision deferred monetary easing measures maintain

2015-08-07 12:23:00
Bank of Japan monetary policy decision meeting that opened up to 7 days, for the domestic economy deferred the judgment that "has continued a gradual recovery", towards the achievement of two percent of the inflation rate that is the goal, a now of large-scale it was decided to maintain the monetary easing measures.


39% of continuous last year's food self-sufficiency rate of 5 years

2015-08-07 11:43:00
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries announced the food self-sufficiency rate of last year - 2014 fiscal year that indicates whether food that is consumed in the country is covered by how much domestic, were flat continuous 39% and 5 years.


NY Dow Jones Industrial Average $ 120 extra drops

2015-08-07 06:02:00
New York stock market six days, that the last month of employment statistics of the United States will be announced from the fact that once you try to confirm the profit and sell orders gathered in front, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price has fallen more than $ 120.


Laox "foreign demand" to the three stores opened

2015-08-07 04:14:00
If you attempt to capture the demand of increase is followed by foreign travelers, to expand the duty-free shop, such as household appliances and cosmetics in the country "Laox" is now to be opened three stores until the month after next.


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