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Economic news(2015/08/29)

Kyoto   Hakone

The appeal to charm women's junior and senior high school students of "Rikejo"

2015-08-29 21:00:00
In an attempt to increase the science and engineering women called "Rikejo", symposium to introduce the charm of such technical positions in the women's high school students was held in Tokyo, female employees et al involved in the development of the airliner was to appeal to the challenging work.


¥ 11 million extra in the Japanese whiskey auction

2015-08-29 19:18:00
Among the evaluation of Japanese whiskey increases in international 28th in Hong Kong, the auction of whiskey is opened, the whiskey produced in Nagano Prefecture, awarded by a single 11 million yen more than the record highs.


A vibrant shopping street walking with a laugh and Osaka

2015-08-29 15:12:00
When Let's boost the region in the "laugh", in Osaka, it is hosted by local people parade the shopping street, laughing loudly was held.


Job offer in the college student job hunting ban two weeks 30% more than

2015-08-29 11:20:00
The job hunting college students to graduate next year, since the lifting of the ban interviews of leading companies to join the Keidanren in this month a day, beyond the students 30% obtained a job offer within two weeks, corporate side is adopted in a short period of time survey results that is suggesting that it is proceeding was unity.


Local creation and Saga in a large bird "emu"

2015-08-29 04:44:00
Grow a large bird "emu" similar to the ostrich to make a new specialty, and an attempt to achieve a local creation, the company to make in the people of farmers in Saga Prefecture Kiyama-cho, utilizing the abandoned farmland earnest It began Na breeding.


Budget request to the maximum the past exceed 102 trillion yen

2015-08-29 04:37:00
Budget request of the next fiscal year budget of the country is greater than the total amount 102 trillion yen of general accounting from such swells that "social security costs" such as medical and nursing care in aging, it is the largest and become outlook past.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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