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Economic news(2020/04/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

Significant downward revision of India's economic growth forecast for the current year World Bank

2020-04-12 22:27:00
The World Bank has revised its previous forecast for the current year's economic growth rate significantly downward from the previous forecast of 1.5% to 2.8%. He showed the prospect of the worst economic growth rate.


Online exchange Easier system development Venture company

2020-04-12 17:30:00
While many people spend their time at home due to the outbreak of new coronavirus and restrictions on going out and working from home, etc., a system that allows easier online exchange has been developed and is being used more widely.


Sales of commercial facilities such as department stores and supermarkets

2020-04-12 14:54:00
Following the "Emergency Declaration", we are responding to department stores and commercial facilities in each region.


New Corona Emergency Economic Measures Opinion for further measures from the ruling and opposition parties

2020-04-12 06:32:00
Regarding the emergency economic measures due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the government and the ruling party are planning to establish a supplementary budget proposal for this year next week, but both the ruling and opposition parties are uniform cash payments and loss compensation due to leave, etc. Some people are calling for further measures.


Telework SMEs only 26% implemented in Tokyo

2020-04-12 04:35:00
Telework is being introduced to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, but only 26% of small and medium-sized companies in Tokyo are conducting telework, according to a survey conducted by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It was


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