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Economic news(2020/05/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

Aichi Food and beverage business operator launches study group "Pinch a chance"

2020-05-02 19:57:00
A new food and drink company in Aichi Prefecture, which has been forced to shorten business hours and shorten business hours due to the effect of the new coronavirus, launched a study group and said, "We want the owners to work together to turn the pinch into an opportunity." We will jointly consider our efforts.


The number of customers has decreased due to refraining from going out.

2020-05-02 18:32:00
With the government's policy to extend the declaration of an emergency that will expire on the 6th of this month for about a month, some restaurants have decided to close their stores due to a drop in sales due to a decrease in customers due to refraining from going out. I am.


Telework support service Some troubles affect new Corona

2020-05-02 14:51:00
Due to the rapid increase in telework caused by the spread of the new coronavirus, some of the telework support services provided by IT companies are in trouble.


Over 30% of Japanese companies in the United States have decreased sales by 50% or more in the past month

2020-05-02 10:44:00
In the United States, where the spread of the new coronavirus is serious, the impact on Japanese companies is also spreading. It was found that over 30% of the companies have reduced their sales for the past month by 50% or more.


NY Stock Market Drops Greater Than $ 600, Concerns About Business Outlook

2020-05-02 05:51:00
On the 1st, the New York stock market renewed fears about the future of the economy, and the Dow average stock price fell sharply above $ 600.


Economic activity resumed in some states in the US New states such as NY are cautious

2020-05-02 05:14:00
The Trump administration of the United States has passed the deadline of the action guideline that called for refraining from going out to suppress the spread of the new coronavirus, and eight states such as Southern Texas have resumed economic activities in some industries.


Improvement of system such as smooth payment of Nissho employment adjustment subsidy New Corona

2020-05-02 05:02:00
Regarding the "employment adjustment subsidy" provided to companies that maintain the employment of employees, the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry has submitted an urgent request to the government including expanding the number of personnel at the window so that it can be smoothly provided. .


Oxygen concentration measuring device for blood "Please refrain from purchasing at home" New Corona

2020-05-02 04:46:00
Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, there is a shortage of medical equipment called pulse oximeters that measure oxygen concentration in blood, and manufacturers are refraining from purchasing at home as it is not a device that can judge the presence of infection. Is calling.


Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry "impacts management" More than half of SMEs New Corona

2020-05-02 04:37:00
A survey conducted by the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry found that more than half of the small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide had already affected their business due to the spread of the new coronavirus.


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