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Economic news(2020/05/06)

Kyoto   Hakone

London foreign exchange market 1 euro = 114 yen high-half high yen level for the first time in 3 years

2020-05-06 19:09:00
In the foreign exchange market on the 6th, sales of the euro accelerated, and the yen exchange rate rose to the 1st half of the 114 yen level, which is the highest level in 3 years.


The number of people on the 5th is reduced by over 80% in Tokyo and Osaka.

2020-05-06 13:49:00
The number of people on the 5th day of the second half of the long holidays declined in all prefectures from before the spread of infection, and in Osaka and Tokyo it has continued to decrease by more than 80%.


The number of tourist destinations on the 5th decreased by over 70% in many areas

2020-05-06 13:39:00
The number of tourists on major tourist destinations on the 5th decreased by more than 70% in many regions throughout the country compared to the long holidays last year, but there are some regions where the reduction rate is low, and the national and local governments are unnecessary. We are calling for refraining from emergency homecoming and travel.


McDonald's In-store food and drink suspension extended until 14th of this month New Corona

2020-05-06 13:23:00
McDonald's Japan has decided to extend the measures to suspend food and drink in stores that are being carried out at stores nationwide until at least 14th of this month. After 15th, we will make a decision based on requests from the government and local governments.


British Virgin Airlines To Reduce Over 3000 Employees By Prolonging Corona Impact

2020-05-06 05:51:00
Virgin Atlantic Airways of the United Kingdom has announced plans to reduce more than 3,000 employees as it is forced to reduce the scale of the business as the demand for the new coronavirus is expected to continue for a long time.


Convenience stores sell vegetables that have been lost in the market High-speed bus for transportation New Corona

2020-05-06 04:48:00
A major convenience store directly purchases vegetables that have lost their sales channels due to the spread of new coronavirus infections, and is conducting trial sales. High-speed buses, whose sales are declining, are used to transport vegetables, and they also have the aim of supporting bus companies.


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