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Economic news(2020/05/16)

Kyoto   Hakone

Taxi transfers and meals provided Support for medical professionals New Corona

2020-05-16 21:28:00
In an effort to support doctors and nurses who continue to work in harsh environments by responding to the new coronavirus, we have started a free taxi transfer service for medical personnel.


Airmail International demand recovery Outlook for 2024 New coronavirus

2020-05-16 21:16:00
Regarding the demand for airmail that has dropped significantly due to the effect of the new coronavirus, the group of airlines around the world has continued to worry about infections and isolation measures in foreign countries, so international flights will reach the level of last year. It is expected to recover in 2024, four years later.


Huawei regulation in the U.S. opposes China's unjust suppression

2020-05-16 19:46:00
The Chinese government's Ministry of Foreign Affairs replied that the US government announced that it would stricter restrictions on China's telecommunications equipment giant Huawei, asking them to stop undue oppression.


Takashimaya To resume operations at 8 stores such as Tokyo and Osaka From 18th of this month

2020-05-16 14:56:00
A major department store, Takashimaya, has announced that it will resume operations at some stores from eight stores in the Tokyo area and Osaka area where the state of emergency is continuing to be declared. In order to maintain the employment of employees and business partners, he has decided to restart business after thoroughly implementing infection control measures in the store.


Economic activity resumed in more than 90% of states in the US There is concern about re-expansion of corona infection

2020-05-16 05:53:00
In New York, where the outbreak was the most serious in the United States, it was confirmed that jobs such as the construction industry could be resumed in some areas on the 15th. As a result, economic activities resumed in a limited number of states in more than 90% of the states, but in some states, the pace of increase in the number of infected people is higher than before the resumption, and the infection spreads again. Concerns about things are growing.


New semiconductor production base established in Taiwan

2020-05-16 05:49:00
Taiwanese semiconductor giant TSMC has announced a new production base in the United States. As competition in the US and China for high-tech fields intensifies, it will be important to see whether it will strengthen the US semiconductor industry.


NY Stock Market Dow Average Stock Price

2020-05-16 05:41:00
On the 15th, the New York Stock Market closed its trading this week with a slight rise in the Dow's average stock price as the buying and selling crossed. However, this week the price dropped by more than $ 640, which is the first drop in two months in a week.


Nissan Mid-term Management Plan Direction to include excessive production capacity reduction

2020-05-16 04:44:00
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., whose business performance remains sluggish, will reduce excess capacity more than it has planned in the new medium-term management plan to be announced at the end of this month, and will form a partnership with Renault. We are making adjustments to accelerate the standardization of vehicle bases and accelerate efficiency.


Use the new Corona to refrain from going out. Use online shopping centered around the younger generation.

2020-05-16 04:42:00
Due to the effects of refraining from going out due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, the number of people who use online shopping is increasing. In particular, a private survey that analyzed big data revealed that the usage is expanding mainly in the younger generation.


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