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Economic news(2020/05/17)

Kyoto   Hakone

Half of smartphone location information "No problem if crisis is avoided" corona survey

2020-05-17 18:08:00
As a measure against the new coronavirus, the use of big data such as smartphone location information is being promoted in Japan. When NHK and LINE conducted a survey on the use of big data, almost half of the respondents answered that "there is no problem if the purpose is to escape the crisis".


Declaration removed Amusement park reopened Corona countermeasures such as body temperature confirmation implemented Kuwana Mie

2020-05-17 13:02:00
The Nagashima Spa Land, an amusement park in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture, has resumed operations from the 17th in response to the cancellation of the national emergency declaration.


On the 16th, there will be a 60-80% decrease in the number of people in the special alert areas.

2020-05-17 11:51:00
The number of people on the 16th, which was the first Saturday after the declaration of emergency in 39 prefectures was lifted, continued to increase from 60% to 80% before the spread of infection in the areas that are still "specific warning prefectures". It has decreased, and compared to the previous day, which was a weekday.


Major banks Digitalization of office work to reduce expenses and personnel

2020-05-17 05:44:00
Cost reduction has become an issue in the financial world due to the prolonged low interest rates. Major banks are accelerating the movement of labor-intensive administrative work by digitizing it to reduce costs and personnel.


Recruitment activities for new graduates More than 80% of SMEs are affected by the new corona

2020-05-17 05:38:00
Regarding recruitment activities for university students who are planning to graduate next spring, more than 80% of SMEs are affected by the new coronavirus, and more than half of them have suspended or postponed briefings etc. I found out from a survey by the Chamber of Commerce.


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