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Economic news(2020/06/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

G7 finance minister confirms deferment grace in low-income countries

2020-06-03 23:54:00
G7=Financial Ministers from seven major countries held a conference call on the night of the third day of Japan time to postpone debt repayment so that low-income countries with insufficient medical systems could respond to the spread of the new coronavirus. I confirmed that


Joint development with Rakuten and NEC 5G system also aims to sell overseas

2020-06-03 20:21:00
Rakuten has announced that it will develop a new communication standard, 5G system, in collaboration with NEC, and put it into practical use within next year, as well as aiming to sell it to overseas communication companies.


Convenience store shopping bag 3 yen per bag 3 major companies charge from July 1

2020-06-03 19:35:00
With the demand for plastic shopping bags being charged at retail stores nationwide from next month, the three major convenience stores will be charged 3 yen per piece, except for some.


Shareholders Meeting Some companies will be delayed after July due to the influence of the new Corona

2020-06-03 18:16:00
Regarding the general meeting of shareholders of companies that peaks in June every year, because of the impact of the new coronavirus this year the settlement of accounts has not progressed, and there are currently more than 20 companies that are delayed from July onwards. I found out that


Yen price declines Expansion of new corona infection Expectations that "bottomed out"

2020-06-03 18:12:00
On the 3rd, the Tokyo foreign exchange market and the yen exchange rate dropped to the latter half of the 108 yen level. This is because the expectation that the spread of the new coronavirus may have bottomed out the impact on the global economy.


Stock price rises near 500 yen at one time, and there is concern about the future with "Tokyo Alert"

2020-06-03 16:00:00
Tokyo stock market on the 3rd, the stock price went up.


Gasoline price rises for three consecutive weeks Economic activity resumes and crude oil price rises

2020-06-03 15:13:00
The retail price of regular gasoline this week was 128.4 yen per liter on a national average, rising for the third consecutive week. This is because the restrictions on economic activities due to the spread of new coronavirus infections have been gradually eased, and crude oil prices are rising.


To study standardization of services for mutual use of cashless payment

2020-06-03 15:08:00
Major banks, telecommunications companies, etc. have set up new meetings to consider standardization of services for mutual use such as electronic money, which has different services for each company, and cashless payment.


Stock price rise NY market price rise received Tokyo alert alert

2020-06-03 12:20:00
Tokyo stock market on the 3rd, the stock price has gone up.


Yen price drop 1 dollar = trading at the mid 108 yen level

2020-06-03 11:49:00
The Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 3rd, the yen exchange rate fell, and the dollar is trading at around the 108 yen level.


Stock price rises over 400 yen In response to the rise in NY market

2020-06-03 10:24:00
The Tokyo stock market and the Nikkei Stock Average on the 3rd have risen by more than 400 yen due to the trend of rising stock prices in the New York market in the United States.


NY Stock Market Rise Nasdaq Levels Before New Corona

2020-06-03 08:22:00
The New York stock market rose on the 2nd from expectations of the economic outlook, and the stock index of Nasdaq, which has many IT-related stocks, returned to the level before the stock price plunged due to the spread of the new coronavirus, 3 We recorded the highest price for the first time in half a month.


Introduction of digital taxation EU etc. US “Investigation with sanctions in mind”

2020-06-03 07:26:00
The US government is unfairly targeting huge IT companies in the United States with regard to the "digital taxation" that is being introduced in the EU and the European Union, etc., and it is looking into sanctions such as raising tariffs. Announced to start.


Thorough risk management of financial product “CLO” BOJ and FSA

2020-06-03 06:57:00
Since Japanese financial institutions have many financial products called CLO, which are made by collecting loans for overseas companies with low creditworthiness, the Bank of Japan and the Financial Services Agency have compiled a report requesting thorough risk management. It was. He points out that it is necessary to pay attention to the loss caused by the prolonged economic downturn caused by the new coronavirus.


Over 16,000 people dismissed or stopped using the new Corona

2020-06-03 04:30:00
Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the number of people who have been dismissed or unemployed has been more than 16,000 people nationwide so far, and by industry, the lodging industry is the most, about 4,000 people It turned out ..


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