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Economic news(2020/06/27)

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New area for USJ "Mario" theme Postponed opening of operations in late July

2020-06-27 17:25:00
USJ=Universal Studios Japan, a theme park in Osaka, will postpone the opening of the new area, which was scheduled to open this summer, with the theme of the popular character "Mario" in order to avoid congestion due to measures against the new coronavirus. I decided.


Increasing interest in paper driver training Will corona measures increase car usage

2020-06-27 13:15:00
There is increasing interest in driving classes for so-called paper drivers who have not driven a car for a long time. It is considered that more and more people are trying to avoid cars and use cars as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus.


Employees with hearing impairments serve customers in sign language New Starbucks store Tokyo

2020-06-27 09:37:00
The coffee chain Starbucks will open a store in Tokyo where employees with hearing impairments can serve customers in sign language and writing. This is the first store in Japan as part of an effort to create a place where diverse human resources can spend their own lives.


KLM Supports 400 billion yen from the Dutch government Difficult to manage in Corona

2020-06-27 07:06:00
The Dutch government has announced that it will provide KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which is in business difficulties due to the spread of the new coronavirus, with assistance of EUR 3.4 billion (about 400 billion yen).


NY stock price drop of over $700 due to a rapid increase in corona infected

2020-06-27 05:35:00
On the 26th, the New York Stock Exchange's Dow Average fell sharply over $700 from yesterday. With the rapid increase in the number of people infected with the new coronavirus, there is a growing view that the market will have a negative impact on the economy over the long term.


Sustainable benefits Commencement of survey on whether a company wishes to outsource METI

2020-06-27 05:11:00
With regard to "sustainable benefits," which has been pointed out to be uncertain, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has begun investigating whether or not there are companies that want to outsource the second supplementary budget.


Linear Confirm the remarks of Shizuoka Governor JR Tokai

2020-06-27 04:07:00
Governor Kawakatsu and JR Tokai President Kaneko of the JR Tokai met on the 26th regarding the Linear Chuo Shinkansen, which Shizuoka Prefecture has not approved for construction. The JR side will continue efforts to gain the understanding of the prefecture side by confirming the content of the governor's statement.


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