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Economic news(2020/08/08)

Kyoto   Hakone

Air flights Number of domestic flight reservations during Obon holidays: approx. 40% of the same period last year

2020-08-08 15:28:00
During the Obon holiday period, the number of domestic flight reservations has decreased significantly by about 40% compared to the same period last year, and even on the 8th, which is the peak of downtime, the reservations of 2 major companies The situation remains sluggish, with only about 50% remaining.


To accept temporary employees of Nojima Airport, a major consumer electronics retailer

2020-08-08 14:06:00
Nojima, a major consumer electronics mass retailer, accepts temporary staff at airports whose jobs have decreased due to the new coronavirus in the form of “seconded workers” and starts a new initiative to supplement store personnel and protect employment. became.


Accepting people from the tourism industry at agricultural sites JA Zenno and JTB partner

2020-08-08 14:05:00
JA Zen-no-National Agricultural Cooperative Federation has partnered with JTB, a major travel agency, to allow people in the tourism industry whose jobs have decreased due to the effect of the new coronavirus to work in the agricultural field, which is suffering from a shortage of workers as a side job. , I will start a new initiative.


Snow brand Megmilk Yogurt 200,000 voluntary recovery To cover inadequately

2020-08-08 05:36:00
A major dairy maker, "Megmilk Snow Brand," has announced that it will voluntarily collect approximately 200,000 pieces of yogurt products, saying that some of the yogurt products did not adhere well.


Avoid congestion and show how crowded commercial facilities are on the Internet

2020-08-08 05:32:00
As the new coronavirus infection spreads again, efforts are being made to avoid congestion by disclosing the crowdedness of places where people gather, such as commercial facilities, on the Internet.


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