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Economic news(2020/08/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

RIZAP Group Loss of 2.7 billion yen due to temporary store closure due to new Corona

2020-08-12 20:11:00
This is the "RIZAP group" that develops training gyms, etc., and the financial results for the three months from April to June are the result of the new coronavirus, which forced the store to be closed It was a deficit of 2.7 billion yen.


"Don Quixote" new corona, foreigners decreased

2020-08-12 20:09:00
The company that runs the discount store "Don Quijote" has closed its sales for foreign tourists for one year until June, although sales for foreign tourists decreased due to the influence of the new coronavirus Sales increased, and the final profit was 50.3 billion yen, the highest ever for the 10th consecutive year.


Japan Policy Finance Corporation In July, a large amount of cash-financing loan

2020-08-12 19:24:00
Japan Finance Corporation has decided to provide 80,000 loans last month to the companies affected by the new coronavirus, for a total amount of 1.5 trillion yen. Although the loan amount has decreased compared to the previous month, GHLC says it is still at a high level.


Yen price declines Expectations due to Russian government's vaccine approval

2020-08-12 18:20:00
On the 12th, the Tokyo foreign exchange market and the yen market price dropped.


UK GDP growth rate (April-June) 20.4% compared to the previous 3 months Worst ever

2020-08-12 18:02:00
In the United Kingdom, the growth rate of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) from April to June was a record high of 20.4% compared to the previous three months due to the stagnation of economic activity due to the spread of new coronavirus infection. It has become depressed.


JFE Holdings: Earnings deficit of 100 billion yen by March next year

2020-08-12 17:25:00
Steel giant JFE Holdings, whose demand for steel products for automobiles has been sluggish due to the impact of the new coronavirus, has a final profit and loss of 100 billion yen for the forecast for the year ending March next year. He announced the deficit and the prospect of a deficit for the second consecutive year.


Toshiba new corona impact Operating loss 12.6 billion yen

2020-08-12 16:36:00
As Toshiba announced on the 12th, the entire group's financial results for the three months to June will be temporarily inoperable due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and the operating loss showing the profit of the main business will be a loss of 12.6 billion yen. It was.


Stock price rise, yen depreciation, appreciation of the dollar, export-related issues are bought

2020-08-12 15:54:00
On the 12th, the Tokyo stock market went up in stock prices due to the yen's depreciation against the foreign exchange market and the buying of export-related stocks.


Expected unfishing Sanma Departing from fishing for small boats Nemuro, Hokkaido

2020-08-12 13:38:00
Among the "stick net fishing," which is the center of saury fishing, fishing boats departed one after another from the eastern port of Hokkaido after fishing for small boats was lifted. This is expected to be even lower than last year's lowest landing volume, and it is expected that the fishing will be unprecedented.


Stock price modest price movement

2020-08-12 12:00:00
The Tokyo stock market on the 12th, the stock price has been moving slightly.


Yen price declines Yen sales move in anticipation of global economic recovery

2020-08-12 11:50:00
The Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 12th, the yen exchange rate is falling.


Resignation rate of shopping bags exceeds 70% at convenience stores, while purchases increase at online shopping

2020-08-12 01:56:00
Since last month, retail stores have been obliged to pay for shopping bags, and the decline rate has exceeded 70% at major convenience stores. On the other hand, it seems that there is still a problem on whether online shopping sites will triple the sales of shopping bags and paying for them will reduce plastic waste.


More than twice as much lettuce has high vegetables due to lack of sunlight and long rain

2020-08-12 01:46:00
The prices of all major vegetables are high, with the retail price of lettuce, which has a negative impact on growth due to lack of sunshine and heavy rain last month (July), more than double the normal price.


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