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Economic news(2020/08/22)

Kyoto   Hakone

Land prices in major cities Flat or falling in almost all areas Impact of new corona

2020-08-22 06:33:00
Land prices in major cities across the country last month compiled by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism were flat in almost all areas compared to three months ago, as demand for land for hotels and stores fell due to the new coronavirus. It has fallen.


Loss of 34 trillion yen in the global tourism industry due to the new Corona more than 3 times after Lehman

2020-08-22 06:09:00
It is estimated that the loss of the world tourism industry due to the decrease in the number of people traveling abroad due to the new coronavirus will be more than 34 trillion yen in 5 months, more than three times after the Lehman shock UNWTO = I found it in the summary of the United Nations World Tourism Organization.


NY stocks Dow average stock price rise Nasdaq stock index highest update

2020-08-22 05:42:00
In the New York Stock Market on the 21st, the Dow's average stock price rose for the second consecutive day as the IT giant Apple's stock price rose significantly, and the Nasdaq stock index reached its highest level.


20 billion yen raised with the University of Tokyo “College Bonds” Strengthening research activities

2020-08-22 05:17:00
The University of Tokyo has issued a bond called "university bond" for the first time and has raised 20 billion yen. The aim is to strengthen research activities by securing funds that are free to use without relying on grants from the government.


From Singapore New Zealand and Brunei to Immigration

2020-08-22 00:05:00
The Singaporean government announced that it will allow entry for tourism and other purposes from September after establishing certain conditions such as PCR tests when entering two countries, such as New Zealand, where it was determined that the risk of infection with the new coronavirus was low. did. This is the first such measure since the prohibition of foreign tourists from entering Japan in March.


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