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Economic news(2020/12/27)

Kyoto   Hakone

The number of people in the downtown area increased by a negative margin from the previous week on the 26th. New Corona

2020-12-27 15:31:00
While the government is calling for cooperation such as refraining from meetings as much as possible to stop the spread of the new coronavirus, the number of people on the 26th is lower than the previous week in the downtown areas of major cities compared to before the spread of the virus. The width has increased. At some airports, the negative margin has narrowed, but it has dropped significantly compared to before the spread of the infection.


Increasing car “subscription” users “I want to avoid congestion on public transportation”

2020-12-27 14:14:00
The new coronavirus has led to new uses for cars. The need to avoid the congestion of public transportation and travel by car is increasing, and the number of users of services that can use a car for a fixed monthly fee is increasing.


China's GDP “No. 1 in the world, surpassing the United States in 2028” British private research institute

2020-12-27 12:19:00
A private research institute in the United Kingdom has compiled a forecast that China's GDP = gross domestic product will exceed the United States in 2028 and become the number one in the world. While the US economy is seriously affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, the recovery of the Chinese economy is the main factor.


Prompt loan to SMEs “Electronic documents” spreads

2020-12-27 11:33:00
There is a growing movement to digitize necessary documents so that small and medium-sized enterprises with tight cash flow due to the influence of the new coronavirus can obtain loans promptly.


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