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Economic news(2020/12/31)

Kyoto   Hakone

Wallets, safes, and other "New Year's Eve" bills in the city

2020-12-31 10:57:00
The total amount of bills that have been sold in the market for years, such as in personal wallets and corporate safes, reached a record high of about 118 trillion yen for 11 consecutive years. As the outlook for the economy becomes more uncertain due to the effects of the new coronavirus, it seems that more individuals and companies are keeping money at hand.


Suspension of new entry by foreigners Difficult response while aiming for economic recovery Government

2020-12-31 06:41:00
A mutated new coronavirus has been identified in each country, and the government has stopped new foreigners from all over the world, but calls for the ongoing traffic of business people in some countries and regions to stop. There is a difficult response while aiming for economic recovery.


New York Stock Market Dow Jones Industrial Average High Expectations for Additional Economic Measures

2020-12-31 06:39:00
The New York stock market rose slightly on the 30th, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a new high for the first time in two days.


Omisoka-New Year's Day all-night operation Canceled all railways in the Kanto region

2020-12-31 06:20:00
To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, all railway operators in the Kanto region will stop operating all night from the night of the 31st to the first day of the year.


General agreement on EU investment agreement with China Before the inauguration of the US Biden administration

2020-12-31 06:19:00
China and the EU-European Union have announced that they have generally agreed to conclude an agreement to expand mutual investment. China seems to have the aim of deepening its economic ties with the EU before the Biden administration is inaugurated in January 2021 in the conflicting United States.


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