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Economic news(2021/03/06)

Kyoto   Hakone

Award Ceremony for Japan Agricultural Awards Excellent achievements in enthusiastic efforts in agricultural management

2021-03-06 20:45:00
An award ceremony for the "Japan Agricultural Award" was held to commend farmers and organizations that have enthusiastically engaged in agricultural management and have made outstanding achievements.


Member information for about 1 million ANA members leaked

2021-03-06 14:03:00
All Nippon Airways announced that a Swiss company that manages information on multiple airlines has been compromised and member information such as the names of about one million people has been leaked to the outside. Similar damage has occurred at Japan Airlines, but both companies do not share information such as credit cards and passport numbers with this company and do not leak it to the outside.


Corporate loan for business continuity support Regional banks collaborate with Japan Finance Corporation

2021-03-06 11:03:00
As the effects of the new coronavirus continue to prolong, regional banks are expanding their efforts to support the business continuity of local businesses by establishing new lending frameworks with government-affiliated financial institutions.


Mutual retaliatory tariffs on US and EU aircraft manufacturers agreed to suspend for 4 months

2021-03-06 08:31:00
The United States and the EU-European Union have agreed to suspend each other's retaliatory tariffs for four months in a prolonged trade dispute over aircraft manufacturers. The Biden administration is working to restore relations with its allies in order to cooperate with and counter China.


NY Dow Jones Industrial Average US employment statistics rise significantly above market expectations

2021-03-06 06:34:00
The New York stock market closed this week on the 5th, with employment statistics surpassing market expectations last month and the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising more than $ 570 from the previous day.


Entertainment issue Interim report at the Diet on the 8th of the dinner between the executives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the president of NTT

2021-03-06 05:40:00
On the 8th, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, which is investigating whether there was any illegal entertainment over the fact that executives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications were having dinner with the presidents of NTT, summarized what they could confirm, such as the price per person for the dinner. I will make an interim report in the Diet.


Review of Nippon Steel's production system Challenge to strengthen profit base by improving efficiency

2021-03-06 05:36:00
Nippon Steel, the largest steel company, has reviewed its domestic production system and announced that it will suspend blast furnaces in Ibaraki Prefecture, as well as suspend and consolidate steel production lines. With domestic demand for steel declining, the issue is whether we can improve production efficiency and strengthen our earnings base.


With the extension of the declaration, the nationwide uniform suspension of "Go To Travel" will continue

2021-03-06 05:13:00
The government has decided to continue to suspend Go To Travel nationwide for the time being as the state of emergency is extended in one city and three prefectures.


Declaration extension The izakaya chain is also moving to reopen closed stores

2021-03-06 04:48:00
The state of emergency for 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures has been extended for 2 weeks, and major restaurant chains will continue to shorten their business hours to 8:00 pm, but the izakaya chain will resume operations of stores that were closed. There is also.


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