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Economic news(2021/03/20)

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It is estimated that the economic effect of the Tokyo Olympics and Para 150 billion yen will be lost.

2021-03-20 22:20:00
At the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, it is estimated that the economic effect lost due to the inability to expect foreign spectators will amount to 150 billion yen. The industry and volunteers, who were expecting an audience from overseas, have expressed disappointment and demanded support from the government.


Shipbuilding Employees One-ninth of peak hours to secure young talent

2021-03-20 15:55:00
It was found that the number of employees in charge of production at the shipbuilding company fell below 10,000, down to about one-ninth of the peak. The shipbuilding industry once supported high economic growth, but securing human resources, mainly among the younger generation, has become an issue.


Advanced autonomous driving "Level 4" Practical use in urban areas by around 2025

2021-03-20 11:44:00
With the aim of putting the advanced autonomous driving technology called "Level 4" into practical use in urban areas such as large cities by around 2025, model areas will be selected and demonstration experiments will be carried out from the new fiscal year onward. It was.


RCEP takes effect, boosts GDP by about 2.7% Economic effect of about 15 trillion yen Government estimate

2021-03-20 05:55:00
The government has compiled a trial calculation that if RCEP = Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, in which 15 countries participate mainly in East Asia, comes into effect, Japan's GDP = gross domestic product will be boosted by about 2.7%.


Continue to steer difficult to achieve BOJ price targets

2021-03-20 05:52:00
On the 19th, the Bank of Japan announced the results of an "inspection" to enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of monetary easing measures, and Governor Kuroda said that the price target of 2% could be achieved. However, the impact of the new coronavirus is putting downward pressure on the economy and prices, and the Bank of Japan will continue to face difficult steering.


Fire at a factory of a major semiconductor manufacturer Partial suspension of production will have an impact on the future

2021-03-20 04:47:00
A major semiconductor manufacturer, Renesas Electronics' factory in Ibaraki Prefecture, had a fire on the 19th, including a part of its equipment burning. Due to this fire, some production of semiconductors for automobiles has been stopped, which may affect future supply.


G7 Finance Ministers' Meeting agrees to expand the framework for withdrawing funds from the IMF

2021-03-20 04:36:00
G7 = A framework for withdrawing funds from the IMF = International Monetary Fund to support developing countries whose financial situation is deteriorating as the effects of the new coronavirus prolong at the meeting of finance ministers of the seven major countries It matched by expanding.


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