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Economic news(2021/04/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

Partnership in wormcation businesses such as JTB and JAL digging up new demand

2021-04-03 15:34:00
Four companies, including JTB and Japan Airlines, have partnered in the business of selling wormcation programs for working while enjoying vacations in resort areas. In the tourism-related industry, which continues to be affected by the new coronavirus, we are stepping up efforts to cultivate new demand.


KDDI Hong Kong, etc. manages contractor information Policy to consider transferring to another country

2021-04-03 15:14:00
KDDI, a major mobile phone company, has revealed that it manages the mobile numbers of contractors who perform data communications overseas in Hong Kong and other countries through an American company that is outsourced. It does not contain personally identifiable information such as your name, but we plan to consider relocating to another country, including Japan.


Sales growth of long type toilet paper Manufacturers are also focusing

2021-04-03 11:42:00
Sales of toilet paper, which is more than 1.5 times longer than before, are increasing. Paper makers are also focusing on manufacturing and sales because the number of replacements is reduced and the storage space at home is also reduced.


Increased number of employees seconded to external companies of two major airlines due to corona virus

2021-04-03 05:59:00
As airline management becomes more difficult due to the effects of the new coronavirus, ANA Holdings and Japan Airlines are increasing the number of employees sent to outside companies to maintain employment.


Cyber ​​attacks on companies and infrastructure To develop specialized human resources and strengthen countermeasures

2021-04-03 05:09:00
As the number of large-scale and sophisticated cyber attacks aimed at companies and infrastructure increases and damages such as information leaks continue, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will strengthen countermeasures such as training specialized human resources and identifying intrusion routes. I did.


Established a new company to develop services that Mercari users can use crypto assets

2021-04-03 05:01:00
Mercari, a major flea market app company, will establish a new company so that service users can receive the sales price of products in so-called virtual currency = crypto assets such as Bitcoin. There is a growing movement to use crypto assets that were investment targets for actual payments and payments.


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