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Economic news(2021/04/17)

Kyoto   Hakone

Linear "Reducing the impact on water resources" Experts' meeting draft interim report

2021-04-17 23:43:00
Regarding the Linear Chuo Shinkansen, which Shizuoka Prefecture has not approved to start construction due to concerns about its impact on water resources, the National Council of Experts presented a draft interim report stating that measures would reduce the impact on the basin of the Oi River, and summarized it. I'm going to work towards it.


ANA International Flight In-flight Meal Spreads out of plastic in containers made of plant materials

2021-04-17 15:18:00
ANA has switched from plastic containers, which are often used for in-flight meals on international flights, to new containers made from plants, and the movement to remove plastics is spreading in a wide range of industries.


Renesas Fire restarts production of semiconductors at its main factory

2021-04-17 13:10:00
Renesas Electronics, a major semiconductor manufacturer, resumed production of semiconductors for automobiles at its main factory in Ibaraki Prefecture, which had been suspended due to a fire, on the 17th. We have achieved an early restart before the 19th, which is one month after the fire broke out, which was our target, and we are rushing to recover the shipment volume in the future.


Japan Airlines to virtually zero in 2050 Summary of action plan for decarbonization

2021-04-17 06:26:00
Japan Airlines, a major aviation company, has put together an action plan toward the goal of virtually zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. In addition to gradually increasing the use of jet fuel made from raw materials other than petroleum, it aims to introduce next-generation small airplanes powered by hydrogen after 2035.


New York stocks hit new highs for 2 consecutive days With the spread of vaccines and the announcement of strong corporate financial results

2021-04-17 05:46:00
The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose on the 16th in the New York stock market, hitting a new high for two consecutive days.


Morgan Stanley also lost more than 98 billion yen Is it related to a US investment company?

2021-04-17 03:48:00
Major financial institutions in Japan and Europe have announced that there is a risk of huge losses one after another over transactions with American investment companies, and even major American Morgan Stanley has nearly 100 billion yen in Japanese yen. I found that I had a loss.


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