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Economic news(2021/05/22)

Kyoto   Hakone

"Hydrogen engine" car race participation to decarbonization Will it be the next generation car?

2021-05-22 19:41:00
A car with a "hydrogen engine" that uses hydrogen as fuel instead of gasoline participated in an automobile race held in Shizuoka Prefecture on the 22nd. It emits almost no carbon dioxide while driving, and is likely to attract attention as a next-generation vehicle for decarbonization.


Department stores struggle to support brand stores

2021-05-22 16:35:00
While the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has expressed the view that luxury clothing is not applicable to "necessities for daily life" that are not covered by the request for closure of department stores due to the declaration of emergency, some stores in Tokyo have reopened brand stores. We are looking for a business system such as closing the business again.


U.S. administration employment creation investment plan revised to 180 trillion yen, down about 25%

2021-05-22 09:06:00
The U.S. Biden administration has decided to reduce the initial budget by about 25% to 180 trillion yen in Japanese yen in order to gain the understanding of the opposition and the Republican Party about the huge infrastructure investment plan launched to create jobs. I made it clear that I fixed it.


Liberal Democratic Strategy Headquarters proposes to increase staff to prevent the outflow of advanced technology overseas

2021-05-22 05:51:00
The Liberal Democratic Party's Strategic Headquarters, which discusses economic security, has proposed a proposal to improve the system and budget measures, such as increasing the number of staff in charge of related ministries and agencies, in order to prevent the outflow of sensitive and advanced technology overseas due to cyber attacks. I summarized it.


Suzuki Shizuoka's three plants produce cars Next month Temporarily stop semiconductor shortage

2021-05-22 01:59:00
Suzuki, an automobile manufacturer, has decided to temporarily suspend production at three plants in Shizuoka prefecture next month because it cannot procure enough necessary parts due to the global shortage of semiconductors.


Order to suspend operations to a subsidiary of "SBI Holdings" Financial Services Agency

2021-05-22 01:26:00
The Financial Services Agency is different from the fact that some of the funds collected from investors in the name of business expenses such as solar power generation were not used as planned over the subsidiary of SBI Holdings, a major online finance company. He decided to issue a business suspension order to SBI's subsidiary, saying that he was soliciting investors in the explanation.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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