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Economic news(2021/05/27)

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Panasonic targets for virtually zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2030

2021-05-27 22:22:00
As decarbonization becomes a global trend, Panasonic has set a goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions to virtually zero by 2030.


IHI Invests in US Company Participation in Small Reactor Development Project

2021-05-27 19:17:00
IHI, a major machinery manufacturer, has decided to invest in and participate in the business by investing in an American company that develops small nuclear reactors that are smaller and have lower output than conventional nuclear reactors.


Yen exchange rate drops slightly The temporary dollar buying advantage does not unilaterally depreciate the yen

2021-05-27 18:44:00
On the 27th, the yen exchange rate fell slightly against the dollar in the Tokyo foreign exchange market.


Amazon CEO Bezos to retire on July 5th, the day of its founding

2021-05-27 18:30:00
Jeff Bezos, CEO of American IT giant Amazon, has announced that his retirement date has been set for July 5th.


Stock price drop Many sell orders to secure profits

2021-05-27 16:46:00
In the Tokyo stock market on the 27th, as the state of emergency was extended, many sell orders were placed to secure profits, and the stock price fell.


Recall 300,000 units of 4 models including Mitsubishi Motors "eK" Brake malfunction

2021-05-27 16:04:00
Mitsubishi Motors has notified the government of a recall of more than 300,000 vehicles, saying that there is a problem with the braking effectiveness of four models, including the "eK" mini vehicle.


Introducing a function to hide the number of “likes” Instagram and Facebook

2021-05-27 15:10:00
The SNSs widely used in Japan, "Instagram" and "Facebook," will introduce a function that does not display the number of "likes" that indicate sympathy from other users. This is because so-called “like fatigue” has spread among users, and it means that it will be introduced not only in Japan but also in the world.


Announced acquisition of Amazon "007" and "Rocky" movie companies

2021-05-27 05:49:00
Amazon, a major American IT company, announced that it will acquire a major movie company that handles the world-famous spy movie "007" series for more than 920 billion yen in Japanese yen.


New Strategy for Expanding Exports of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Foods Government Aiming to Amend Law

2021-05-27 04:35:00
With the aim of expanding exports of agriculture, forestry and fishery products and food, the government will create an organization in which producers and distributors are united for each item such as rice and beef, and amend the relevant laws so that they can work on the development of export destinations. I decided to aim for.


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