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Economic news(2021/07/05)

Kyoto   Hakone

Yen exchange rate rises US dollars sell due to falling long-term interest rates

2021-07-05 18:40:00
On the 5th of the week, the yen exchange rate rose in the Tokyo foreign exchange market.


The president apologizes for the cancellation of JIS certification of Nippon Light Metal HD Group companies

2021-07-05 18:16:00
Nippon Light Metal Holdings Co., Ltd., a major aluminum company, apologized for the fact that the JIS = Japanese Industrial Standards certification was revoked or suspended by conducting quality inspections of group companies' products in a manner different from the regulations. did.


Keidanren Chairman Tokura Mitsubishi Electric's inspection fraud “Thorough investigation of the cause”

2021-07-05 18:01:00
Regarding the inspection fraud such as air conditioning equipment revealed by a major electronics manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric, Keidanren Chairman Tokura said at a regular press conference on the 5th that it was a problem related to the basis of the Japanese manufacturing industry, and thoroughly investigated the cause. I showed the idea that it should be investigated.


Stock price drop Selling order due to concerns about vaccination delay

2021-07-05 15:56:00
Stock prices fell on the Tokyo stock market on the 5th of the week.


Carbon neutral “Understanding the content” stays at about 15%

2021-07-05 05:21:00
The government has set a goal of 2050, according to the results of a private survey, which shows that only about 15% of people understand the content of "carbon neutral," which reduces greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero. It became clear that the understanding of the people is an issue for the realization of a carbon-free society by the year.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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